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Recap AMA Petani Online Indonesia With Moscow.Finance

On May 12, 2021 at 12 PM UTC (19.00 WIB) In the Petani Online Telegram Group, AMA started with Moscow Finance Mr. Yuri (CEO & Founder of Moscow.finance) and Mr. Chevkov (CEO & Founder of Moscow.finance) as guest speaker and Guz Fahlev from Indonesian Farmer Community as moderator. When campaigning, 10 lucky AMA participants when asking questions on Telegram Free Asking will get a total prize of $100 BUSD.

The following is a summary of AMA questions and answers announced by the moderator and guest speaker:

Introduction :

Please could you explain about your background..?

Mr.Chevkov : We’re a couple of nerds really, who together with a great dev + now other team members, have found pretty great success with BSC yield farming, We’ve been through nearly all BSC projects in and out, and we’re very confident that we have figured out through all this experience that we can build an incredible yield farm together, Our backend guy especially has played crucial role in many huge successful projects you see on BSC, and even on Ethereum before that (YFI first pump era), So we wanted to come here to your great channel today (We’ve known about you for a long time, the brand Master Farmers) and share with you all about our killer yield farm product about to be released.


(Sessions 1 QNQ)

Q 1. Could you explain to us, what is Moscow Finance?

Mr.Yuri : We have solved an important issue with farming, which is impermanent loss. This is how we have removed that risk from the users.

When joining a traditional farm, you are well rewarded for taking a huge risk on impermanent loss, as liquidity provider for two tokens.

Moscow Finance will have only one option as liquidity provider, which is $MOSCOW -BNB which with the whopping 100X Multiplier.

All other “farms” will be single staking pools of your favourite token you believe will increase in value, let say you are holding some BNB, CAKE or ETH.

With these tokens in our Vodka Pool, you will get rewarded $MOSCOW token just by holding your other tokens at Moscow Finance.

With the $MOSCOW token you can stake in the Oligarch pool and get rewarded directly in BUSD. Your rewards will be in correlation to the amount of $MOSCOW tokens staked. That way our users will be rewarded $$$ simply by holding the native token $MOSCOW. The same token will be used to participate in the Governance system that will be used for important features and updates. Our aim is to create the strongest farming token on the Binance Smart Chain. We reward our users for holding the token so the buy pressure increases and the users holding get rewarded exponentially due to the price increase with reward farming. We have created a solid foundation for our native token and will launch when we are at 500 members who will be the early birds. This is needed to implement our unique Russian Roulette game that will change the Binance Smart Chain forever. we will launch this when we have reached 3000 members in our Telegram Group @MoscowBSC, This is a short description of the overall project, everything is designed to keep price from dumping by any whales or get attacked by bots who sniper the price at early prices and later dumps on the user. We have learned from almost each successful project that has later failed due to ignorance of some issues. We have patched up their tokenomics with a new type of farm, we expect to have many copycats as the trend went from foodswap, animalswap will now the trend follow our single staking assets with “city swaps” where Moscow.Finance is the first in the field.

Q 2. What is the name of the token held? How much is the maximum supply available & what is the circulation of that supply?

Mr.Yuri : Yes, it’s a yield farm with optimal tokenomics, plus we’ve thought about everything from launch to marketing to make this a super rewarding farm, especially if you’re early on of course (like everyone reading this, we barely have 200 members in TG! @MoscowBSC)

Great question, $MOSCOW, the native token will be like $CAKE, $EGG, $BURGER and many others have a un-capped supply. The token will continue to reward users participating in the project. The initial supply will be used for a 100% fair launch pre-sale on DXsale (fair launch because 100% liquidity locked) the liquidity will be locked for 4 years. The pre-sale will have a low hard cap and the reason we conduct this is to prevent any bots to gain 100X and dump on our users like i mentioned. After the pre-sale is finished (sale will last max 24 hours) the token will get listed pancake swap and will be open for the public to purchase and farm. The emission rate of $MOSCOW finance is de-creasing every day to counter balance inflation, $MOSCOW token have a deflationary mechanism which burns 4% on each transaction. (This feature will be active once farming starts and the token is listed on PCS).

Q 3. Moscow Finance will be based on a yield farming project, How can users participate? What benefits will moscow Finance provide to users?

Mr. Chevkov : We offer a new type of farming which is offering very high rewards to those who wish to be liquidity providers and for those who simply prefer to hold token without getting into liquidity pairs they can join in the single staking pools.

Single-staking = no impermanent loss!

Besides great tokenomics and fair code we have chosen a HIGHLY memeable brand (unique to Defi) which we think will have a great impact on how our community and token price will increase.

@MoscowBSC will conduct around 5 more AMA after this one AND build up our viral marketing to keep the people well informed about the project. When people find out that the farms are working great, with great APY and token performance, we believe we will reach a huge TVL (total value locked).

Mr. Yuri: Many farms launch second token when they wish to have more usecase on their farm. Yet another problem Moscow Finance has solved before any other farm out there. Instead of a multiple token system for use case we have the unique 1 token for multiple use case system.

Our token will be used for farming and staking but it will also be used for staking to earn BUSD directly so you dont have to sell off the native tokens for gains. The token will also be used in our Russian Roulette which is a new type of game that will make all “safe elon tesla dog” pre-sales completely obsolete. $MOSCOW will also be used in our governance system where the users participate in shaping the future of Moscow Finance.

We cannot go public yet with any partnerships but we can only say that the same token will be used for all future updates we implement on the platform.

We also like to implement new features that have no other is currently using, our “Russian Roulette” is just the beginning, and this is also a cool new use case for our token $MOSCOW

Mr. Chevkov : Yes, earn BUSD every block by staking your $MOSCOW, huge potential here for extra yield

Mr. Yuri : $MOSCOW is the token that will get listed so all future marketing will be for $MOSCOW and only $MOSCOW.

No other tokens will be launched with Moscow Finance, only new implementations for use case.

Q5. Currently, there are many yield farming projects that only provide temporary or initial benefits, such as providing such a large APR. If there is a price drop, what strategy will you do?

Mr. Yuri : I have already shared our tokenomics and use cases for the token. This is something we have worked with for months now, road map is finished we know exactly what to do so our main strategy now is only marketing. $MOSCOW token will launch with our telegram users and will go viral on social media such as TikTok and Twitter. With many marketing partners on hold (we have basically done no marketing yet, i dont know how people find us) Many projects launch successfully and then it dies pretty quickly since the developing team is happy with the gains and lazy on the marketing. Moscow Finance realises that for a project to grow, the community must be steady growing, amount of token holders must increase every day. Thats also why we chose such a strong brand as Moscow Finance, the power of viral memes with organic growth. Once the project is launched it is up to us, with the help of a great community to continue move this project forward. To get listed on CMC, CGK, CP etc is just the beginning

Mr.Chevkov : Yes, and we are very aware of the biggest problem in Defi/yieldfarming: it’s the inflation problem. How do you reward people with a token, yet keep the token’s value up?

The answer is you create a network effect that cancels out the inflation, or more.

This means, we put enormous effort into creating influx of users after launch. It’s going to be great.

Mr.Chevkov : We have partners on TikTok and TG/Twitter who have been enormously successful on other projects we know very well, we’re super confident in our approach.

Mr. Yuri : Price drops because the tokenomics is off, and once the project launch the developing team fails to realise that for the price to continue, the community must continue. Emission rate dont stop, so shouldn’t the marketing. Because that is all there is to marketing, if you believe you have a superior product to those out there on the market, we must do everything in our power that as many people get the chance to review the project, team and go through our doc’s to make a decision wether they wish to participate or not.

Many projects claim to be “DeFi” but are not at all decentralised or open source. Many projects who is running don’t share the full code and smart contracts. For the trust of the users and the public, we upload all our smart contracts on GitBook so they can be reviewed by anyone. We encourage everyone to review our contracts before joining our farming platform, join our telegram group @MoscowBSC and ask open questions for all to see, since we want the users to stay for the long run we want them to do their own research before participating with any financial means.

Q 6. Can you share the current road map? and what things will be realized in the future?

Mr. Chevkov : First off short-term, we set out viral goals to create the network effect we spoke of before. We have milestones, such as Telegram members, so when we reach these goals we reveal and release a part of the project 😉

On the farming side, we’re days away from launching our “Oligarch pools” which are special pools to earn BUSD on your @MoscowBSC tokens!

Additionally, we’re launching a HOME MADE gambling game (Russian Roulette) which you can use only with $MOSCOW tokens. This is a completely new game, we have not forked anybody, so we think this is going to be amazing. Governance will be added which is an important feature as well for the project. Where the users participate in new implementations and updates. To provide great support and deliver a good project to the people. Besides that the marketing will keep us busy, we have a full schedule and expect to have over 10 000 members within 1 week. We have prepared partnerships which will expose us to communities with over 50 000 active members. We are pretty busy the coming days and weeks for sure, thats why we also offer some members from Petani to become our community managers in our telegram group. These users will be rewarded in $MOSCOW token for helping with our twitter, @MoscowBSC and the community, For more info about becoming CM, join us on Telegram and DM me.


(Sessions 2 Questions From Twritter)

Q1. From : @Charliejonu

How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?

Mr. Chevkov : The best place to be is @MoscowBSC by FAR! 🎖

You’ll get all updates and news generally before our other channels, such as Twitter/Moscowfinance.

We constantly plan on having contests, and giving our community members rewards, so that’s a good enough reason to be in @MoscowBSC — In fact, we have a little surprise for your members here in the AMA.

We’re climbing right now towards 200 members.

So, we’ll give an extra $10 to 2 of your members, who joins our Telegram group @MoscowBSC before we reached 200! We give our the rewards once we cross it.

Q2. From : @Akhi53734282

What problems Your project is trying to solve? Do you think that problems are not yet noticed by any other in DeFi space?

Mr. Yuri : Impermanent loss is one of the main problems with farms, inflation is the second problem.

Short answer is: We have single stake pools with 0% impermanent loss! Second solution is our burn on transaction which prevents the price to dump. This is just the foundation, our main solutions is Multiple use case token + Strongest marketing team on Binance Smart Chain.

Q 3. From : @frat_5647

Can you give a brief overview for tokonomics and token supply? Would there be any form burns and buybacks? What does that aim to achieve for you and does it include any form scarcity paths such as stake, store, or burn?

Mr.Yuri : Feels like a repeating question so ill answer what has not been answered yet, which is buy back and burn. This will be done with the dev allocation and be voted by in the governance with $MOSCOW token.

For those who is joining the AMA now, you can scroll up to see the other answers on the tokenomics and read more in our docs.

Q 4. from : @BENSTOCk23

So many Rug Pulls and exit scam are happening now. How we can trust this project and believe you are not same like them?

Mr. Chevkov : Well, @MoscowBSC is completely un-ruggable. We verify a total liquidity lock later once we announce it, we will update all code open on Github of course, Also can add, we have 100% liquidity lock, No dev tokens, Masterchef, all renouncing etc… it will be very obvious that this is a legitimate project once we launch.

Q 5. From : @alisa_crypto

Partnerships are crucial for Adoption, so can you tell us what partners you have currently and future partnerships?

Mr. We cannot go public with any current partnerships until we have had our contracts fully audited. I can only say that the community can rest assured we have well experienced partners with a name within the industry and we have very exiting features and updates together with this.


(Sessions 3 Free Asking)

Q1 From : @abaobaobao

Moscow Finance looks good but it confuses me that there are so many other Blockchain projects. What should I pay attention in Moscow Finance to give it the importance it deserves? What are your planning to achieve with your project?

Mr.Chevkov : An easy selling-point of Moscow.Finance is, we specialize in SINGLE STAKING pools — you just stake your favorite token, and earn $MOSCOW!

This, plus you are worry-free because of our verifiably locked liquidity (no rug possible)

Q2 From : @Dimondab

I want like to know more about your project and how it can benefit me in a long way, can you help me with any guide?

Mr.Yuri : The best place for info and direct communication with Moscow Finance team and community is always best in Telegram group @MoscowBSC

The way it can benefit you and the farmers of Petani is through early adaptation. This is besides use case driven, very marketing driven project. This group Petani Online is the first place we announce Moscow Finance. You are the first adopters, expect many more to joining our telegram group over the coarse of a few days.

Q3 From : @DilrabaDilmurat2

Is your project solely based on ama marketing only?do you have any strategic partners announced?

Mr. Yuri : We will conduct several more AMA´s to well inform the people, after that our marketing strategy will go to listing on high traffic sites like CMC, CGK etc.We have many influencers on hold on TikTok, Twitter and Youtube ready to spread this project to the main stream crowd. Our aim is to come to 20 000 members within a few short weeks.

Q4 From : @shinchan1112

From where you get the project name? What does it means to you? And why you choose this name for your project?

Mr. Chevkov : It’s a humoristic approach to the Russian / Soviet theme. We want crypto to be fun, and fun = great virality. Our brand is extremely meme-able, and we’re already seeing GREAT brand awareness of Moscow.Finance across Twitter, TikTok & Telegram. It’s an amazing brand!

Q5 From : @senekai

I find that most projects are owned by men. How do you feel? Are there women who work or manage Moscow Finance and if so, what are their jobs?

Mr. Chevkov : We’re 100% guys, DeFi is 99.9% guys. We don’t care about making a social statement with Moscow.Finance.We have ONE mission: To make the best yield farm currently existing on Binance Smart Chain.And I think we have a huge, huge opportunity by knowing about us this early on. 🎖🎖🎖.Thank you for your great questions!



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