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Recap AMA Petani Online Indonesia With Mooncake

On July 28, 2021 at 01 PM (20.00 WIB) In the Petani Online Indonesaia Telegram Group, AMA started with Mooncake Mr. @holocep (Founder & Creator Of Mooncake) as guest speaker and Dandy Setiawan from Petani Online Indonesia as moderator. When campaigning, 10 lucky AMA participants when asking questions on Twitter,Telegram will get a total prize of $200. And Extra Prize 1111$ Mooncake.

The following is a summary of AMA questions and answers announced by the moderator and guest speaker:

Introduction :

Please could you explain about your background..?

Mr. @holocep : Of course, I got started in BTC early on, Ive lived fully off of crypto gainz since 2017 I began developing c++ when i was 12 years old long time ago. I found PancakeSwap on sept 24th and got really excited about BSC ecosystem, some of you may recognize me from different chats. Ive been HOLDING CAKE since day 1. I got sick of seeing people get rekt on mooncoins that always dump to zero and were taking volume and awareness away from $CAKE So one day I was at the Hayatt regency in Sanur, Bali and I had an Idea, to have $CAKE, $SAFEMOON, and $FEG make a mutant baby. omg bots lol probably because some other projects are scared… I contacted my friends who are solidity devs at Metamask and asked if they would be interested in helping to build my idea…and they said YES and mooncake was born. ok


(Sessions 1 QNA)

First Questions  :

Q1 : Could you explain to us, what is Mooncake ?

Mr. @holocep : Mooncake ($MOON) is a deflationairy reflect token with perpetual buyback and burn mechanism! $MOON has a 3.3% tax on every transaction in that way it is very similar to FEG but in the case of moon cake 1% of every transation is sold for $CAKE the $CAKE is deposited in a smart contrace called the “oven” the oven stakes the $CAKE in the syrup pool then harvests 50% of the rewards to buy back and burn $MOON the other 50% of the rewards are compounded in the oven to grow its holdings. and the size of the buyback and burns. so two mechanisms grow the oven, 1% of transactions and compounded rewards! here is a small animation we made to describe the tokenomics the audio is only in english for now but we will have it translated into multible languages soon!

Q2 : The last few months there have been so many RUGHPUL projects,how do you convince investors to believe in Mooncake ?

Mr. @holocep : Well our team is well known, and many of oir real life friends and family are in the project, we built this project because we despise rugs In addition we focused on building a peoject that has a much greater incentive to not rug. so the answer is very simple, we are more profitable if we continue to create amazing utility and functionality for the token. our goal is for the oven to become the largest holder of cake! we have a big team I think almost 15 people in total we have alot invested in this being a project with longevity!

Q3 : How many supply quantities are available? And where can we buy it?

Mr. @holocep : there was an initial supply of 111,111,111,111 minted so far 40% has been burned 10% is still waiting to be burned. And You can buy Moonacke Token in PANCAKE SWAP

Pancakeswap Link:


you need to set your slippage to 3.5% and shhhh we may be listing on another dex soon

Q4 : Can you share the tokenomics of Mooncake?

Mr. @holocep : yes one moment


Total Supply: 111,111,111 tokens


– 50% Blackhole

– 37.5% PCS Listing

– 5.0% $MOONTIX 🎟 (Presale)

– 2.5% Bug Bounties / Marketing

– 5.0% Treasury

3.3% tax:

– 2.0% Reflect

– 1.0% Oven

– 0.3% Founder Reflect (distributed among 500 tickets)

Q5 : What features does provide to users? what are the use cases of Mooncake?

Mr. @holocep : right now its only use is to earn passive rewards of more mooncake which has volume guaranteed by the oven the utillity will come when we release out nft’s in Q3 We have specs for utility that already has the intrest of some big names in the industry… lol other than PCS lol i think i have a pic one sec

this is real https://twitter.com/PancakeSwap/status/1419560449205362691?s=20

we have been keeping the project low key we are just starting marketing and we came here first half our team is indonesian! lets just say we have some amazing GAMES coming to the platform!

Q6 :  Can you provide the current Mooncake road map? and what will be realized in the near future?

Mr. @holocep : First up is  OVEN V2 this will allow us to farm tokens other than cake in the oven

NEXT is the first release of the first GAME

after that 2 more games will launch, then the roadmap will consist of maintenence and updated. each of the 3 games will benefit holders and 2 are play to earn. 1 has a massive jackpot worth almost $140,000 right now… we are focused on healthy organic growth of long term holders.


(Sessions 2 Questions From Twitter)

Q1 : From @Yilmazatacan132

According to your website, The Mooncake Oven is the innovation behind Mooncake, where $CAKE rewards generated from the liquidity pool are claimed, even though, what’s the uniqueness of the Mooncake Oven that makes it stand out from the crowd?

Mr. @holocep : well i think the most unique part is that we are only 2 weeks old and the oven already generates 25% of the buybacks and burns that BEEFY generates we are the only reflect token that has its ofn treasury that generated a constant buyback and burn also the midautumn festival creates an amazing event durring this week we will remove 88% of the cake from the oven and buy back and burn mooncake  this will signifigantly reduce supply and the oven will begin growing again untill the next years burn!

Q2 From : @Salleem84722997

A strong community not only brings interesting ideas to the project but also attracts larger partners. So how  planning to build its community? And is there a plan to recruit people with Blockchain experience to the #Mooncake team?

Mr. @holocep : well you saw the tweet from pcs I was one of the first 100 holders and we have a stronge relationship with the devs one of our nft utilities will interact with nrv whether @aurelleus likes it or not and ive reard some rumors that mooncakes may be getting a tropical fruit filling but those are just rumors. also we haver an amazing team of devs and yes we are hiring so if you are a blockchain or react/nodejs or really any type of dev and in indo feel free to reach out and send a resume! to @cryptoocats

Q3 : From @Nilpore9585 :

While you build your project do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Mr. @holocep : This project was developed with so much help from the community, as long as the feedback is reasonable we feel that it is extremely important to listen to what the community wants. we hope to never be in a situation where the community has to make demands of us and we are constantly asking the community for input on how they think we can best apply the resources we have to grow the project!

Q4.From @Aykutbarnabas :

I learned that The Mid Autumn Festival is a holiday that repeats itself every following mid-autumn season, but, how relevant and vital is it to MoonCake’s Ecosystem and Community? Furthermore, since it starts on September 21st, 2021, when do you schedule for it to end by?

Mr. @holocep : the amazing thing about mid autumn is that it guarantees that every year there will be a large reduction of supply and increased volitility in speculation of the event! you could liken this to the halving in BTC because it is a series of buybacks and burns and the token has a fixxed supply each year a large abount of mooncake tokens will be destroyed forever, eventually these burns will cause signifigant supply shock if the cummuntiy tells us that they want to wait or change the burn amount then we will listen to our holders but right now the plan is for a series of buybacks and burns durring golden week! currently 88% of the cake in the oven is about $270,000 we think that will be alot more by september that would destroy almost 5% of the supply at current prices circulating supply**

Q5 : from @Salman199990

Can You List 1-3 killer Features of Your project that makes it ahead of its a competitors? What is the competitive of advantage your platform has that you feel most the confident about?

Mr. @holocep :

  1. OUR TEAM, we have an amazing team we have the best and we were already scaling out devstack before mooncake this gives us a competitive advantage, we have a centralized dev stack everyone works in the same location, but out community managment team ia global so he hade people to help and answer questions manage chats ect 24/7
  2. the OVEN not only is the oven revolutionairy in that it guaranteed ever increasing buy backs and burns but also the oven creates a “bagholder incentive” normally if everyone sells a token before you you are left holding the bag of worthless tokens with mooncake if you are the last and only holder then you get 100% of the rewards from the oven. even if noone ever purchased another mooncake the price would be guaranteed to increase over time there may be upps and downs along the way but the price floor constantly assends.
  3. GAMES with epic prizes based af

Dandy Setiawan : Reminder !!! Before continuing to the next segment, please join first to the Mooncake group. @MoonCakeOfficialIndo @mooncakeofficial

People will be disqualified from participating in prize distribution if they do not follow the rules provided !!!!!!!


(Sessions 3 Free Asking)

Q1 From : @Lena_V10

In your website I saw about the


can you please explain and elaborate about it more? How it will benefit the investors?

Mr @holocep : ye

Q2 From : @Rakshitx5

Hey Team👋

One of the features of Mooncake is Mooncake Bakery and there is not much information available about the bakery. So please tell me what is Mooncake Bakery and what are the functions of Bakery?

Mr. @holocep : ok

Q3 From : @Hang682

Do you have any plans to add Nft’s to your ecosystem as this is the hottest topic in the crypto space?

Mr. @holocep : ok

Q4 From : @Morela03

Most solid projects with token utility and good infrastructure but perform poorly because investors dumped after listing on the first exchange. How do you prevent early investors from dumping your tokens?

Mr. @holocep : we actuallf funded the token by creating a vested long term reward for the earliest investors the 500 moontix earn 0.3% of transaction volume this way early investors get paid over time rather than dumping presale tokens.

Q5 From : @Mycute23

What are the benefits of holding your token as long term investment? Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to keep the your token in the long run?

Mr. @holocep : the constantly growing oven and the buy backs and 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 burns


(Sessions 4 Quiz)

Q1 What is a reflect token?

Answer : token that distributes a percentage of every transaction back to its holders.

Winner : @cengizhantekin (it distributes a percentage of every transaction back to its holders)

Q2 : Is the mooncake token inflationary or deflationary

Answer : Deflationary

Winner : @cengizhantekin ( deflationary)

Q3 : What token do Mooncake reflect bonuses come as?

Answer : Mooncake Token

Winner : @Slayerish27 (Mooncake token)

Q4 : What is a Moontix?

Answer : Mooncake Founder’s Token

Winner : @Slayerish27 (Mooncake founder’s token)

Q5 : What does the oven do?

Answer : an innovative cross-ecosystem revenue generation in Blockchain

 Winner : @Slayerish27 (Blockchains cross ecosystem revenue generation)

Q6 : Where to buy Moontix?

Answer : OTC or ask in the main chat

Winner : @Slayerish27 (Ask the founder on the main chat)

Q7 : Where can you buy the Mooncake token?

Answer : Pancakeswap

Winner : @Lena_V10 (PANCAKESWAP)

Q8 : What happens during the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Answer : The moon crew gives fortune gifts to all holders of Mooncake …. A big burn of Mooncake token

Winner : @cengizhantekin (the Moon Crew offers a gift to all holders of $MOONCAKE.)

Ucup12 :

All right!

AMA session Petani online Indonesia with Mooncake has ended. 🥳🥳

Thanks to Mr @holocep has joined with us and provided us about Mooncake , we hope that this knowledge makes us understand more about Mooncake.

To the members, thank you for following this event to the end. winners will be announced soon.😎😎😎

For further information , keep reach us on :

▪️Discord :


▪️Twitter :




▪️TG ID :


▪️Channel : @mooncakeofficialannouncements






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