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Recap AMA Petani Online Indonesia With Ethfund.io

On May 10, 2021 at 13 PM UTC (20.00 WIB) In the Petani Online Telegram Group, AMA started with Ethfund.io  Mr. Williem Tien (CEO & Founder of T8 Exchange) as guest speaker and Guz Fahlev from Indonesian Farmer Community as moderator. When campaigning, 10 lucky AMA participants when asking questions on Telegram Free Asking will get a total prize of $100 ETHF.

The following is a summary of AMA questions and answers announced by the moderator and guest speaker:

Introduction :

Please could you explain about your background..?

Mr. William : I am in Technology since 1993 and build my first digital wallet in 1996 when I was in Australia. My first Australian public company, TiMEMAC in 1999, I worked on blockchain with NXT before ethereum started in 2014, Build more than 6 digital exchange and T8 Exchange is a Australia license3d digital exchange since 2018, Through our sister company, TiENCHAT we started this DEX so when this “Money Change” dapp is setup we will integrate TiENCHAT 4.0 that will be launch in May 2021, This ETHFUND is build to be ready for this NFT business since last June 2020, ETHFUND is build so that any NFT listed here will be able to receive dividend and loyalty rewards when you own those NFT that is approved inside our ETHFUND smart contract, So far most of the NFT platform only concentrate on trading or auctioning but not many is providing loyalty or dividends, This Wallet movie token is known as WLMO  on etherscan : 0x73d5959abb71c0b3f16d588dad2bd341e8b71fae, This Wallet movie token is known as WLMO  on etherscan : 0x73d5959abb71c0b3f16d588dad2bd341e8b71fae, This China made online NFT Chinese movie will be complete post production by end Sept and release in Oct 2021 and available in October 2021on Kankan, Iquyi, qqtv, youku, The distribution payment will start in October 2021 where all those holding the limited 1,000 WLMO token by end October, You can use ETHF to swap WLMO in equivalent to ETH value, I am here in New York and have arranged a NFT documentary movie produced here in Hollywood this month. I will be in LA this weekend to produce this semi-documentary on NFT movie in Hollywood with famous artist and producers. I have even have one of the  VIP guest, the producer of Garfield and Simons animation, Phil to be part of this NFT documentary, This is to help markert ETHFUND and getting hollywood to be part of this NFT craze, I have now two hollywood movie project starting this NFT and updates will be share with all very soon, Do anyone needs any further information, T8 Exchange will be owned by a US public listed company by next month, so you are investing in a US public listed company.


(Sessions 1 QNA)

Q 1. Could you explain to us , what is Ethfund.io ?

Mr. William : ETHFUND is a platform I build for funding any NFT related digital asset project, In order for investment in NFT, everyone only buy and sell. What we done is provide dividends and loyalty reward using ETH airdrop to the number of NFT issued, This will turn any NFT digital assets like a Bond or Shares. If in future company shares or P2P fund raise is done by NFT.

Q 2. Can you tell us about ETHFUND tokenomics?

Mr.William : There is only 1,376,924.444444444444444426 ETHF on both ERC20 and BEP20 Our European partner will start the marketing this week and please pay attention to this ETHF in pancake, unisswap V3 and TARMS DEX The ETHFUND TREASURY only hold 500,000 ETHF and will not trade this balance. This will be used to facilitate a new project coming in from Hollywood.

Q 3. Now where can ETHF be traded? What benefits does ETHF provide to holders? And what features does ETHFUND provide to users?

Mr.Wiliiam : We are using ETHF to introduce Users to be interested in NFT digital asset and will be used in the future governance in ETHFUND for any further NFT development ETHF is traded in both BEP20 and ERC20, on Pancakeswap, Uniswap V3 and TRAMS DEX TiENCHAT 4.0 in July 2021 will be able to trade ETHF and exchange for NFT including collection of dividends from ETHFUND.

Q 4. Has ETHFUND been audited? and how ETHFUND can ensure safety to users?

Mr.William : Yes ETHFUND is audited and ETHFUND is owned by T8 Exchange, next month T8 Exchange will be owned by a US public listed company.

Q 5. Can you provide the current road map? and what things will be realized in the future?

Mr.William : ETHFUND will have the first dividend payout for the first proof of concept for the wallet movie in October 2021. By middle next month a Hollywood produced NFT for entertainment and sports industry will be launch where ETHFUND and TiENCHAT will be promoted to attract US users. ETHFUND will be used for TIENGOLD NFT for first 1,000 TGOLD in June 2021 to exchange for 1 Ounce of gold in 12 months. ETHFUND’s ETHF token will be future used as governance on future development.


(Sessions 2 Questions From Twitter)

Q1 : from @Potokgadang

What if Ethereum cannot solve its scalability problem and becomes so overloaded with all new projects where a simple $ETHF Trade takes hours? Can ETHF architecture easily switch to a scalable blockchain or launch its own mainnet?

Mr.William : TiENCHAT 4.0 is the solution as you will use your ETH wallet to sign up and when you deposit the ETH inside TiENCHAT 4.0, there is a second layer that cost you less than US$0.10 fee. The July, 2021 the London Fork in Ethereum is also there to solve this high gas fee, We will be having a second layer TiEN blockchain ready 3rd quarter 2021.

Q2 : @Eklasha5272911

Without an working products any idea has zero value. We see many projects are on paper only and no product. So, kindly ensure us that your project is just not an idea and it’s already has an working products or practical usecases?

Mr.William : We already have Wallet Movie NFT product that is self funded and share 50% of the wallet movie’s NFT token WLMO that will create interest in ETHF users to invest in ETHF for access to these NFTs. TiENGOLD NFT is another to own a NFT that is ownership and receive 20% of gold dividends, So far I believe we have planned this for last 2 years and have a US public company investment here

Q3 : @aaputun

Does the $ETHF project have existing apps / businesses running, and how well are the products being absorbed by the market?

Mr.William : Yes “Wallet dot movie” (as you don’t allow links here) NFT token is already release. The next project release is a Arizona gold mine for TIENGOLD NFT, we are now awaiting the Gold concentrate assay report coming out by June 2021. When this report is out this TGOLD stable coin token will be release. There is another NFT token issue inside ETHFUND for 1,000 units ETH miner project in West Malaysia, Sarawak sign off by end of this month. The NFT documentary movie is been produced and ready for launch in June, 2021 for Hollywood production, This will be one of the most important main media marketing project, no one have undetake so far.

Q4 : from @PlayerLAG

What are your ways of scaling and developing your project in such a competitive time. And what are your technological advantages over your competitors?

Mr.William : We have 3, our fintech payment background, a social media network (TiENCHAT) and a US public listed company to raise fund to support all our projects, I have been in this tech business since 1993 and most of my team members with me for more than 10+ yaers.

Q5 : from @SteveJo37818340

I know, ETH FUND is a DeFi crypto token that allows cryptocurrency owners to acquire digital assets that will generate returns and value in ERC721 non-fungible token (NFT), then how do I join?What are the best features you have prepared for us? Does EthFund allow me to earn more?

Mr.William : ETHFUND’s ETHF is a governorane token like any of the DeFI project helps to vote the project further development, this ETHF will be the core token used in promoting any NFT projects inside ETHFUND. You can join by buying ETHF token in TRAMS dot IO (Cannot use link here), uniswap V3 or Pancakeswap. These tokens you buy will allow you to swap any NFT tokens inside ETHFUND at a discount or free bonus.


(Sessions 3 Free Asking)

Q1 From : @Cryptovai2

Vast majority of Crypto projects are built just for the sole purpose of amassing wealth for themselves. So, I want to know the value you aim to add to crypto industry that will bring greater abundance to the industry?

Mr. William : Having a US public company in by next month is there to support long term funding, There are two way of making money, those who can only make a quick one by working around their friends and those are there to make the 150 million ETH wallet users come and use our tokens

Q2. From : @amitorabbu

During the 2020 I got scammed a few times, rugs, exit scams etc. – how can we investors be sure that this will not be similar, are your contracts public & somewhere to be seen?

Mr.William : We planned this ETHFUND not to speculate as 90% of these guys are not in there for long term and we used that for all our business

Q3. From : @JonaZ_889

As you know Covid-19 has a large impact in the crypto Market, So How can your company maintain its project and also the team that are working hard during this pandemic?

Mr.William : Best partners are actually those traditional business as they are the one that really need this conversion

Q4. From : @haibirit

Security is always the top task of projects. But lately, a lot of cryptocurrencies and blockchain have been appropriated by hackers. What security measures does your project have in place to avoid the possibility of being appropriated by hackers?

Mr. William : Security is also our top agenda and we have NSA expert team on board our TIENCHAT and our smart contract are all audited.

Q5 From : @RAChMad_90901

What makes you feel confident about the survival & sustainable success of Your project in the near future?While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Mr. William : Yes that bis why we will use TIENCHAT 4.0 to add users inside to give us the feedback.


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