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Recap AMA Petani Online Indonesia With Emit Protocol

On May 19, 2021 at 01 PM UTC (19.00 WIB) In the Petani Online Telegram Group, AMA started with Emit Protocol  Mr. Edward (Explorer of Emit Protocol) as guest speaker and Guz Fahlev from Indonesian Farmer Community as moderator. When campaigning, 10 lucky AMA participants when asking questions on Telegram Free Asking will get a total prize of $200 $LIGHT.

The following is a summary of AMA questions and answers announced by the moderator and guest speaker:

Guys, I’m happy to announce that we’ll be holding an AMA with the EMIT Protocol team in our community. we’ve been getting to know and explore the EMIT Protocol project in depth over the last week and think it’s a very innovative idea and I can’t wait to introduce it to the guys, but the task needs to be left to the EMIT Protocol team. Today I will be the host of this AMA and Mr. @edwardyourdon  from EMIT team will be the guest for this AMA event. Please ask Mr. @edwardyourdon to introduce himself and give a brief introduction of EMIT Protocol.

Edward [email protected]:

Hello everyone, I’m Edward.  As Explorer of EMIT team, I am pleasured to be invited as the guest of this AMA.

In the EMIT team, everyone has their own identity and responsibilities, I believe there will be more and more partners to join EMIT.

EMIT is a non-profit project initiated and created by a group of crypto enthusiasts.

If I summarize EMIT in one sentence, I think EMIT is a decentralized crypto world that can create the same level of GDP as the real world. EMIT can be understood from different perspectives as follows.

* EMIT is a disruptive blockchain system with many disruptive innovations in technology, concept, and products.

  1. EMIT is the world’s first crypto platform that can create NFT purely endogenously.
  2. EMIT is the world’s first ecology that adopts PoN mechanism for mining.
  3. EMIT is the first crypto system in the world that can carry out ecology and underlying technology at the same time.
  4. EMIT will be the ultimate form of future crypto economic structure.

* EMIT is a long-term blockchain project and will continue to be improved and updated, as of now.

  1. EMIT wallet supports cross-chain function of ETH, TRON, BSC and SERO chain.
  2. Released LIGHT, the first token of the ecology, and provided liquidity in PancakeSwap.
  3. Released Epoch ecology version 1.0, community users can participate in mining.
  4. The EMIT global community has grown to over 1000 members.

* EMIT can make the participants’ wealth grow

  1. gaining wealth through multiple tokens generated by mining (EMIT is a multi-coin system).
  2. gain wealth through the creation and forging of NFT.
  3. become a “professional alchemist” in the EMIT world, selling “labor” and renting “tools” to gain wealth.

Unlike other blockchain projects, there is no single way to gain wealth from EMIT.

* EMIT is just starting to roll out

  1. this is the first time EMIT held AMA in a third party community.
  2. it has already attracted more than 100 seed miners with only a small promotion.
  3. Previously, EMIT has been working on product development and not mass promotion, but from now on, EMIT will hold several AMAs in major communities around the world to attract more miners and investors. Theoretically, the earlier you join EMIT, the higher your revenue will be.

Q2: OK, Mr. Edward, you mentioned that EMIT will build a completely decentralized crypto world, by what coincidence did it make EMIT appear?

Edward [email protected]:

Why was EMIT born? Because when the crypto world has EMIT, it can make the native economy of the crypto world grow more rapidly for the following reasons.

* EMIT is a necessary choice to break the limitations of the current crypto world.

There are a number of limitations in the current crypto space that in a sense gave birth to EMIT, these limitations include.

External limitations:

  1. the exclusion of the crypto industry by the traditional financial system.
  2. the hindrance caused by the regional nature of the political system, etc.

Internal limitation:

  1. simplification of economic behavior.
  2. simplification of asset forms.
  3. no endogenous economic closed loop.
  4. the heavy dependence of the crypto industry on the real economy, etc.

The existence of these limitations has, to a certain extent, led to the current single economic structure of the crypto sector and the difficulty in forming a stable support for the value of virtual assets.

Breaking these limitations and creating a better crypto ecology is one of EMIT’s goals.

* EMIT is the ultimate form of the future development of the structure of the native crypto economy

The crypto economy will develop in the direction of diversification, and the economic structure will change from simple to complex.

  1. the forms of assets in the crypto domain become diverse: multiple tokens, NFT, etc.
  2. The economic behavior of the crypto sector becomes rich: trading, production, depreciation, destruction, leasing, cooperation, employment, and so on.
  3. The ecological structure of the crypto domain has become complex: different scenarios, operating independently, but collaborating with each other to form a complex economic network

Q3: I seem to have understood the reason why the crypto space must have EMIT, so what are the specific innovative advantages of EMIT to achieve these?

Edward [email protected]:

EMIT has both technical and application-level innovations

* Technical level: EMIT integrates and upgrades the current infrastructure of the crypto space

such as

  1. EMIT’s underlying blockchain technology “EMIT-Core” is based on block lattice and random checks for validation and security, a major innovation that inherently enables high Tps and low latency.
  2. EMIT uses subchains as carriers of Dapp, which are themselves part of the block lattice consistency, and we redefine the Dapp paradigm so that the threshold for developing Dapp can be significantly reduced.
  3. EMIT’s purpose and mission is to create real wealth in the native crypto world, but as far as possible without reliance on the real world. Whether it is “EMIT-Core” or “EMIT-Epoch”, or later “EMIT-GDP”, it is the tool to achieve EMIT’s goals and the essence that distinguishes us from other purely technical projects.

These are described in detail in EMIT’s Parchment Paper and White Paper.

Parchment Paper: https://doi.org/10.31219/osf.io/xr8b6

White Paper: https://doi.org/10.31219/osf.io/bymuk

* Then, At the application level: EMIT changes the current economic structure of the native crypto space and constructs a completely new economic model.

Looking at the already released EMIT-Epoch 1.0, you can see some of these elements.

  1. EMIT introduces the concept of “labor” in the Epoch ecosystem, which has never been seen before in the crypto space.
  2. EMIT adopts the PoN mining mechanism, directly importing hashrate or token burning values into NFT, using NFT as a production tool for token production.
  3. NFT is involved in mining, it can be used not only for mining scenarios, but also for credit accumulation, identity symbols and other application scenarios. EMIT opens a new chapter of NFT applications.
  4. The multi-scenario of Epoch ecology makes a strong economic connection between different ecologies.

These elements are the important conditions that make each participating EMIT user can go on to create great wealth.

Q4: EMIT has made all these innovations technically and conceptually, and I would like to ask one of the most important questions for all crypto enthusiasts: What will I get by participating in EMIT? There are so many crypto projects in the market, why should I choose EMIT first?

Edward [email protected]:

Why should I participate in EMIT? EMIT gives every crypto enthusiast a platform where they can create great wealth, and this is not just a hollow statement, because EMIT can create the same level of GDP as the real world.

* We need to understand how real world GDP is generated?

  1. The real world has a constant supply of labor
  2. The real world has a complex economic structure with transactions, production, leasing, loans, etc.
  3. The real world consumes energy and produces new products, etc.

These economic factors are important conditions for the growth of the real economy.So, the economy of the real world is growing.

Let’s think about this:

If the real world economy can be realized in the native crypto world, does it mean that the crypto world can generate the same level of GDP as the real world?

It happens that the EMIT world also has the necessary conditions to keep generating GDP.

* Then,what are the economic elements of the EMIT world and do they have the conditions to generate huge GDP?

  1. the concept of “labor” is introduced for the first time in the EMIT world, EMIT tokens and NFTs are produced through “labor”, participants continue to provide labor to generate FTs and NFTs.
  2. in the EMIT world, there are currently production, trading behavior, and with the development of the Epoch ecosystem, more economic behavior will occur.
  3. NFT is created and upgraded by the destruction of tokens, which must be generated using NFT.

It is obvious that EMIT is ready for all this!

It is conceivable that if you are a participant in this initial world, when the world is large enough, the wealth at your disposal will be immeasurable.

Guz Fahlev:


What are the short term benefits and long term benefits of participating in EMIT?

Edward [email protected]:

If we use a few key words to describe the return of EMIT ecology, “simple” “fast” “rich” “stable “These four key words I think well explain the characteristics of EMIT Eco’s returns.

* Simple and fast short-term gain

  1. The token LIGHT gain obtained by mining

LIGHT, the first token of EMIT ecology, doubled its price tenfold within 24 hours of providing liquidity on PancakeSwap. The current price is about $0.265/bLIGHT.

You only need a phone or a computer to easily get LIGHT by mining and trade it on pancakeswap

LIGHT and DARK Economic Models: https://docs.emit.technology/emit-documents/emit-epoch/introduction-to-the-light-and-dark-economic-models

  1. Revenue from NFT

In the Epoch ecosystem, tokens must be generated using NFT, and the NFT level determines the efficiency of the token output, everyone can get NFT in the Epoch ecosystem, and a high level NFT is worth a lot of money.

  1. Revenue from blind boxes

Since the output of rare tokens uses a blind box mechanism to randomly generate dark attribute NFT, rare tokens need to be generated using dark attribute NFT, the probability of dark attribute NFT but is 1/64, the current birth of dark attribute NFT, the community already has a user bid 1000 LIGHT, but no one is willing to sell.

This is equivalent to you do not need to spend money, you can open the blind box every day and have the opportunity to obtain rare models.

* Rich and stable long-term income

  1. Continuous token destruction will be the most favorable guarantee that LIGHT coin price has a stable upside

EMIT uses the PoN mining mechanism, the daily output of LIGHT is capped at 100k, currently it can produce 1000-1500 LIGHT per day, of which 20%-30% of LIGHT is destroyed user NFT’s level up.

  1. PoN mining mechanism: “Tomorrow you can produce more LIGHT”

Based on the unique PoN mining mechanism, every day you can get more LIGHT than the previous day,

continuous mining for three months, you can get more than 100 LIGHT per day.

continuous mining for six months, you can get more than 600 LIGHT per day.

The LIGHT mined can be pancakeswap for trading.

  1. Subsequent consumption scenarios of LIGHT and Dark will also become more and more frequent, making the value steadily increase

Guz Fahlev:


If I want to participate in EMIT now, can you give me some advice on how to participate in EMIT?

Edward [email protected]:

Sure, there are 2 main forms of participation in EMIT.

* Buying LIGHT on PancakeSwap and holding it for a long time

Current price of $0.176/LIGHT, initial price of $0.03/LIGHT

Smart contract address: 0x944854f404c7C0dF9780651D9B29947C89D8fD19

pancakeswap purchase link: https://pancakeswap.finance/

(It’s suitable for: investors who have more than sufficient funds, have confidence in EMIT and are willing to hold LIGHT for a long time, as to why it is worth holding for a long time, I answered in the previous question.)👆

* Participate in EMIT Epoch ecological mining, continue to get FT, NFT

Join the EMIT community or mining group to receive 1 LIGHT. Then you only need a phone or computer to get your own NFT and LIGHT tokens by contributing arithmetic power.

EMIT Community: https://t.me/emit_protocol

EMIT mining community: https://t.me/emit_mining

Docs: https://docs.emit.technology/emit-documents/emit-epoch/epoch-mining-detailed-tutorial

(It’s suitable for: those who do not want to invest money and are willing to spend some time participating in EMIT to get tokens continuously. EMIT is a fair world, as long as you are willing to pay “labor”, you can get a return.) 👆

Guz Fahlev:


EMIT should let more crypto enthusiasts know about it, what are the promotion plans of EMIT team?

Edward [email protected]:

After the release of EMIT-Epoch 1.0, EMIT will conduct EMIT promotion to attract more investors’ attention.

* EMIT has issued press releases for Epoch 1.0 in top international media, such as

https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/start-chaos-emit-epoch-10-officially-released and will continue to make important information releases in top media.

* Continuous globalization of AMA activities

EMIT will do more than ten AMA events in large crypto communities around the world in the next three months, including Southeast Asia, Europe and America, Africa, etc.

* LIGHT will provide LIGHT liquidity on Uniswap (already provided liquidity on PancakeSwap)

* EMIT team is currently interfacing with CMC and is seeking to go live on CMC platform

Guz Fahlev:

Thanks Mr. Edward, is there anything else you want to say to the guys at the end?

Edward [email protected]:

Oh, yes. A lot has been mentioned about EMIT’s innovation, EMIT’s advantages, promotion plan and the value it brings to participants, etc.

The EMIT team will continue to develop and improve the product with the core idea of “technology creates wealth”, and the progress and code will  open source on Github:https://github.com/emit-technology.

In order to let people participate in EMIT with more confidence, EMIT is also contacting relevant code auditing companies, and will audit the code and announce it in the community.


(Sessions 2 Question From Twitter) :

Guz Fahlev:

From : @AbMahmuddd

1.What is the role of tokens in the ecosystem? Where can people currently buy it? What is the functions of the tokens?

Edward [email protected]: EMIT is a multi-coin system, different tokens will have different roles in the EMIT ecosystem. Currently EMIT has released the most basic token of the ecosystem, LIGHT, and the rare token, DARK. LIGHT as the basic token will be mainly used for the construction of EMIT ecosystem, including token buying and selling, item trading and leasing, lending and pledging, as “fuel” to drive mining, etc. DARK, as rare token, will be the main element for the synthesis of other tokens in the EMIT ecosystem. Since it is randomly generated and very rare, its value is immeasurable. The contract address for bLIGHT on BSC is: 0x944854f404c7C0dF9780651D9B29947C89D8fD19

Guz Fahlev:

Q2 From @Zafiyakhan2

Is your project a local project or a global project ? Can anyone use your services from anywhere in the world? Is there any restrictions of using your service ?

Edward [email protected]: Yes, EMIT is a global project and EMIT participants come from all over the world. Everyone can participate in EMIT, there is no restriction, as long as you have a mobile phone or a computer, you can participate in EMIT.

Guz Fahlev:

Q3 From @Muhammedd0734

As you might be already knowing  is an important aspect in the success of any Project Crypto or Non-Crypto. As the voice of newbies in crypto field , I would like to echo the thought of every new investor: How can we trust the Project?

Edward [email protected]:

Yes, there are always concerns about the security of crypto projects. You can look at EMIT in the following ways:

  1. You can choose not to contribute financially throughout the project, except for the contribution rate.
  2. You can watch the product over a long period of time to see if there are improvements and new features.
  3. You can also read the code on github.con/emit-technology to see if we are working hard and contributing real technology.
  4. You can also follow and join later. In my opinion, it’s never too late to get involved.

Q4 From @Dragon900

EMIT is a great project..but we know that sometimes the token gets burned and it increases the token’s value.Does your token have any Coin Burn/BuyBack system,or do you have that plan to increase the value of your token and attract investors to invest?

Edward [email protected]:

The EMIT Eco token LIGHT is different from other tokens in the form of destruction, based on the unique mining mechanism of the EMIT Epoch Eco, LIGHT is being destroyed every day.Epoch uses the PoN mining mechanism, where mining must use device, and the level of the device in turn determines the efficiency of mining.To raise the level of device, you need to burn LIGHT or provide hashrate.

So as more and more miners join Epoch mining, the amount of LIGHT being destroyed every day will gradually increase. It is very attractive for miners/investors.

Q5 From @shanks800

Can you share with us some of the future plans, such as the marketing development plan and recent activity plan for the EMIT ?

Edward [email protected]:

yes, From the product perspective.

  1. EMIT will continue to improve the Epoch ecosystem
  2. EMIT will complete the development of “EMIT-Core”, one of EMIT’s three systems
  3. To make the Epoch ecosystem generate huge GDP

From the perspective of marketing and promotion.

  1. EMIT will continue to hold AMAs in major crypto communities around the world
  2. EMIT will continue to submit articles in top international media And, From the community perspective.
  3. EMIT will continue to expand the number of miners in the community
  4. EMIT will continue to attract community investors


(Sessions 3 Free Asking)

Q1 From : @Uamos

How does Emit Protocol plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries or regions where English is not well spoken? ‌‌

Edward [email protected]:

Our community is currently small, so we are unified in our global community operations. After some time, when the community continues to expand, we will build localized communities in each country. And we will recruit volunteers to manage the community. We will also work with KOLs in each country to promote the EMIT project.

Q2 From : @starshades007

Smart contracts are prone to bugs, How efficient and secure is your smart contract. Have you ever been audited through external parties, so we are sure that this project is safe and good for the future of investors?

Edward [email protected]:

First of all, our core developers are experienced Hackers with a lot of experience in smart contract development and analysis. Each line of our code is considered to have the lowest gas consumption. In addition, we have submitted our application to an authoritative code auditing company.

Q3 From : @Allok1238

What do you think about NFT? Do you have any plan for implant NFT on your ecosystem?What is the main vision and goal of your project! What actually you trying to acheive in this highly competitive Blockchain space?

Edward [email protected]:

The EMIT project contains complex assets such as FT/NFT and also ecological/underlying technologies. NFT, the most important means of production in EMIT-Epoch, is a fundamental component that constitutes the complex economic structure of EMIT. If you participate in the EMIT-Epoch ecosystem, you will find that you are interacting with NFT on a daily basis because it is your production tool. The main vision of EMIT is to create new wealth in the native crypto world, with the most immediate goal of achieving endogenous GDP in the native crypto world.

Q4 From : @Vipgoamr

Could you please tell us your Tokenomics? Is there any plus point you have over your competitors?

Edward [email protected]:

  1. You can acquire LIGHT tokens only if you have an NFT and forge it to a certain level through the PoN algorithm.
  2. The emission of LIGHT tokens can be regulated by the market. it seems that the amount of LIGHT tokens issued is uncapped, but it will be consumed and consumed continuously according to the market requirement.
  3. EMIT-Epoch has multiple scenarios (currently two ALTAR and CHAOS) and will continue to expand in the future. These scenarios are based on LIGHT tokens and, combined with NFT, will build a complex economic structure. Such tokens will have solid & high value.

Q5 From : @Laysa129

BSC is really in trending now because it has low gas fee and high transaction speed. Have you any plan to move on BSC?

Edward [email protected]:

EMIT-Epoch itself is a multi-chain ecology, it has crossed LIGHT to BSC through EMIT-Cross cross-chain function, so you can trade LIGHT in pancakeswap. In addition, not only tokens, we will also build Epoch ecological scenarios on each chain, and then link them into a whole giant ecological cluster through EMIT-Cross function. Interested guys can download the EMIT Wallet, which has cross-chain functionality and currently supports Ethereum/BSC/Tron/SERO.



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