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Recap AMA Petani Online Indonesia With CryptoTycoon

On May 15 Mei, 2021 at 01 PM UTC (20.00 WIB) In the Petani Online Telegram Group, AMA started with CryptoTycoon Mr. Yu Liang (Co-Founder of CryptoTycoon) as guest speaker and Guz Fahlev from Indonesian Farmer Community as moderator. When campaigning, 10 lucky AMA participants when asking questions on Telegram Free Asking will get a total prize of $200 BUSD.

The following is a summary of AMA questions and answers announced by the moderator and guest speaker:

Introduction :

Please could you explain about your background..?

Mr. Yu Liang : Hello everyone, my name is Yu Liang, the Co-Founder of CryptoTycoon. I am in charge of European and North American market expansion. I have Double major degrees from the University of Toronto, and have been in the blockchain space since 2017. Before CryptoTycoon I was working at Cheetah Mobile, Tencent Interactive Entertainment and CEX. So glad to be in your great community and share more about CryptoTycoon❤️.


(Sessions 1 QNQ)

Q1. Tell us a little bit about your background and role in Crypto Tycoon..?

Mr.Yu Liang : CryptoTycoon is established by a group of gamers and crypto enthusiasts. All the founding members of CryptoTycoon have worked in Tencent Interactive Entertainment (IEG), and have been involved in product planning and front-end operations in first-line games. I have been in the cryptocurrency industry for 4 years, and I have deep experience in market operations, game planning.I am also a senior enthusiast of GameFi projects.

Q2. For those that may not be familiar – what is Crypto Tycoon and what is the ultimate

goal of the project?

Mr.Yu Liang : CryptoTycoon is a monopoly game built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). To participate in-game mining, players can spend BNB, BUSD, USDT and other BSC tokens in the game to get a chance to roll the dice and build different types of buildings on different grids. CryptoTycoon is a blockchain game that deeply integrates the DeFi model. Unlike traditional games or chain games, CryptoTycoon focus on the circulating supply of tokens and liquidity deflation in product perspective, which promote players and investors in between, and maintain a positive value balance relationship. What we want to do it’s not only a game, but a gaming platform, a platform that integrates the concept of DeFi and Game deeply. The games will be developed one after another, which will have long-term empowerment for CTT.

Q3. I see, what differentiates Crypto Tycoon from other gaming projects?

Mr. Yu Liang : Compared with other battles and gridland mobile games on the market, CryptoTycoon WILL NOT set up special mining permissions for early investors or institutions. Other gridland games mainly focus on NFT (houses or shops which can increase the mining output), which mostly are obtained by the early investment from institutions/VC, which is not friendly or fair to real game players in the market and novice players who join the game late. CryptoTycoon is positioned to gamify the DeFi product, thereby reducing the threshold for players to get started. At the same time, CryptoTycoon’s first release is built on the retail investor-friendly BSC blockchain, which has a good ecology and user base. Which can help the game advance in the right direction, keep iterating and updating, and provide a good motivation.

Q4. In very basic terms, could you explain how the Game works and what the rules are?

Mr.Yu Liang : Sure, this is the key part. There are currently a total of 36 grids in the game. In addition to random event grids, there are 32 grids that can build houses (mining source), including houses, shops, banks, and governments (the rarity increases from the left). For each different building built on different grids, their mining output and taxes will also be different. The tax system in the game requires players to pay the tax for the next 72 hours within 72 hours after the building is built. If the tax is overdue, the built building will be forcibly demolished. Just like cloud mining, once the contract is not renewed, it will be terminated. The taxes being paid will be included in the tax pool, which will be used to distribute BNB and BUSD rewards to all active CTT holders. Dividend mode🔆: for example, there are currently 100 BUSD in the tax pool and 10,000 CTT in circulation. If a player holds 1,000 CTT, the player will receive 10 BUSD as dividend, and the other 50% of the tax pool will be used to buy back tokens to stablize our CTT price.

Q5. I find your economic model very interesting, could you explain how it works?

There 4 ways to get CTT

1, Players can obtain CTT from in-game mining.

2, Get CTT airdrop by participating in-game close beta.

3, By participating in specific activities on the cooperated platforms.

4, If a player invites other players to play, 75% of the tokens spent in the game will be rebated directly.

—In order to ensure the game has a good deflation and dividend model, the total supply of CTT is 1 million, on-chain transfers will burn 5% of its transaction amount.

Builders can buy dice and upgrade buildings in game by using CTT with a discount. We do have a buy back program which will use 50% of the tax pool to buy back CTT tokens from secondary market, and when the CTT circulation scale exceeds 50% of its supply, and the price increases by 30x from the initial guide price of $20. An on-chain voting will be launched, which triggers the 1 to 10 ratio mechanism.

Q6. Will the game launch when CTT is listed or will you go through a beta testing

phase? If yes, when

Mr.Yu Liang : CryptoTycoon is expected to launch in-game beta from the end of May to early June after CTT listing. At the same time, we will carry out an audit report related to the smart contract in the game.

Q7. Has Crypto Tycoon been Audited?

Mr. Yu Liang : Yes, the smart contract of CTT token has been audited. We will also have the game audited before close beta. Audit report link can be found on our whitepaper.

Q8. Does CryptoTycoon also plan to launch CTT liquidity mining?

Mr. Yu Liang : Yes, pool will be available on different platforms. We will cooperate with several platforms for liquidity mining in the early stage of the game’s launch. This process is relatively short, no more than 15 days, and the overall scale of CTT output will be very small. This is because Some IDO platforms hope to bundle IDO and DEX transactions together, so we followed their rules. We will launch our own liquidity mining pool later on.

Q9. You haven’t listed yet, do you have any plans for the IDO?

Mr. Yu Liang : We plan to cooperate with 3~5 platforms on the market to carry out IDO/IFO/IIO from May 20th-25th, 2021. Each accounted for 0.2~0.5% of the total CTT. Part of the share that did not conduct IDO/IFO/IIO will be reserved for centralized exchange IEO or Launchpad later on. It is expected that all of the platforms will gather about 3% circulation of the total supply. For IEO, we are in discussion with BitMart and Gate.io, which will happen in June. By the way, we also confirmed to list on MXC soon after DEX listing🚀. and the final goal would be Binance for sure.

Q10. Do you have any Backers/investors for Crypto Tycoon?

Mr. Yu Liang : Definitely, we have 16 well known investors, which mainly operate communities, CEX, and from a top rating VC list that can bring us practical help. Our backers spend most of their time with users, know the best of the market, and are willing to participate in the market with players from CryptoTycoon.

Here are the list of our backers, we got some major CEX, media, community capital behind us.

Q 11. CryptoTycoon currently only runs on BSC. Will you consider swapping to other chains

in the future?

Mr. Yu Liang : It depends on the needs of users. From the feedback on the market, BSC and Ethereum are very popular chains for users. However, considering that the gas fee of Ethereum is still relatively high, therefore, we would mainly use BSC as the current operating chain. But If there is a chain that is favored by users in the future market, and the user experience of transaction on the chain is better, we will consider swapping on it.

Q12. Where will it be listed soon, dex or cex? And how will you get users from all over the world and what are the features of this project to invest in long term, please explain

Mr. Yu Liang : We are going to launch on several launchpads, and have trading available on PancakeSwap, BurgerSwap, Julswap, DODO on May 25th.

After DEX listing, we will be focusing on CEX listing (as mentioned MXC, Gate, BitMart) and the product development.

Q 13. Where can the community keep up to date with the project?

Mr. Yu Liang : Feel free to follow our Twitter and join our community for more updates.


(Sessions 2 Questions From Twitter)

Q1 From : @Sem4009

Could you give us an overview of the tokens? How the token will be distributed and when TGE? Will there be a burn buy-back plan to maintain the supply?

Mr. Yu Liang : The key part is deflation and secondary market repo

1,Buildings built in the game will be demolished if the player fail to pay taxes over time.

2.When transferring CTT on the BSC chain, 5% of the transfer amount will be burned permanently.

3,Non-CTT income such as BNB and BUSD obtained in the game, 50% of which will be used to repurchase CTT and burn directly.

4,To participate in the voting on the chain, you need to stake CTT, if the proposal passes within a certain period of time, CTT will be returned. and the release mechanism is release no more than 300,000 in 1 year.

The circulating supply won’t exceed 10% when trading starts, and the current market cap is relative low, and you can guess how the price is going to be

Q2 From : @harufineart

🔥Now a days security is big issue for anyone. Who do you adopt unique measures for protection / security of investors amount?

Mr. Yu Liang : 100% agree, security is a major concern for us, we will get the best audit company to make sure its safe for everyone!!

1) All our contracts will be audited by some of the best auditing firms

2) We will be launching a bug bounty airdrop with good rewards for people to report bugs.

Q3 From : @yyds1522

In very basic terms, could you explain how the Game works and what the rules are, and other unique features do CryptoTycoon has?

Mr. Yu Liang : Except everything I explained earlier, here are some cool features about the game:

Owning different land properties and housing levels, corresponding to different mining output.

As the circulation of tokens increases, the mining output speed/scale will be reduced accordingly.

The building constructed will be forced to be removed when failure to pay taxes on time.

50% of game revenue is used to buy back secondary tokens.

Housing (Normal) land: 22 squares

Shop (Rare) land: 6 squares

Bank (Epic) Land: 3 grids

Government (Legendary) land: 1 grid

According to the grid properties of different buildable houses in the game, there are four types of buildings, and the mining speed and taxes of each house type are different.

Housing (Normal) land: general mining, less tax.

Shop (Rare) land: faster mining and higher taxes.

Bank (Epic) Land: Super fast mining and taxes are extremely high.

Government (Legendary) land: Mining is faster and taxes are less.

There are 5 kinds of random events in total, and each event has a probability of 20%.

Random upgrade: houses that have been built will be randomly upgraded by 1 level;

Random downgrade: houses that have been built will be randomly downgraded by 1 level;

Designated remote upgrade: If the player designate a house, the player can pay BNB or CTT to upgrade the house;

Lady Luck: Get a free roll;

God of Wealth: Give a certain amount of BNB or CTT to the player. As the circulation of CTT in the market increases, the default hourly mining output will also decrease accordingly.

Q4 From : @Charliejonu

I could not see any information about your team on your website. You probably preferred your team to be anonymous. Is there a valid reason for your preference in an environment of increasing suspicion of anonymous teams?

Mr. Yu Liang : This is very important. We are not and will not hide behind scenes, everyone can find our information/background on our website with links to our Linkedin pages. We are putting our best efforts and resources into CryptoTycoon, which is established by a group of gamers and crypto enthusiasts.

Links can be found on our website.

Q5 From : @hoangmamanh

Could you elaborate on which project in this space have a similar goal to your , how your differs from them, and perhaps which projects do you see as potential competitors or even collaborators ?

Mr. Yu Liang : CryptoTycoon did not follow the NFT hype, and made the real estate assets and dice manufactured specifically to NFT. In the world of CryptoTycoon, the principle of one address one account will be followed. The dice and real estate assets in the game cannot be transferred, which effectively increases fairness among players and lays the foundation for better sustainability of the game. We are constantly looking to work with other promising GameFi products operating on BSC to provide the best user experience to our players. and we will always have an open mind for advice from our community members. and we are going to develop more and more games on CryptoTycoon.


(Sessions 3 Free Asking)

Q1 From : @shakib4563

Where does the project name come from? What does it mean for you and why did you choose that name for your project?

Mr. Yu Liang : The project name comes from the idea of monopoly game, when players try to be the real estate tycoon in game. Just like the LOGO of CryptoTycoon, the head of our studio is a cat in the real world. This cat is full of energy and has been working in our office for the longest time. Its ancestors are from Norway and the breed is Norwegian forest cat. , Norway is a gathering place for well-known gaming studios in the world, including well-known game companies such as Paradox Interactive, Massive, “MineCraft” developers Mojang and King etc.

Q2 From : @henrybarzinn

What was the biggest milestone your project has? What is plan in the future ?

Mr. Yu Liang : As mentioned earlier, what we want to do it’s a gaming platform. We are planning to develop 1 single game for every two months. and bring more empowerment for CTT! As people can see on our whitepaper, we have a route map, but it’s more likely a to-do list.  Every week, we will have a voice or text communication with investors, partners, consultants, and volunteers. To synchronize our movements and listen to suggestions, so that we can always keep pace with the world.

Q3 From : @katchere

How easy is to use your platform and do you have any guide for beginners?

Mr. Yu Liang : The game will be hosted on a H5 page on website, which players can access anywhere (Mobie phones, Computers). We will post more medium articles about “how to play” when the game’s coming out. We also have a big influencer who will help us make a video about it. Therefore, everyone can learn how to play and mine on CryptoTycoon easily!

Q4 From : @Drim_gril

In Website It Mentioned Community Driven Coin Does It Actually Accept The Community Feedbacks And Implement It Or Not ?

Mr. Yu Liang : Definitely, we will synchronize our updates/news to all community members. We will always listen to what our value builder’s opinions, no matter it’s about price, game dev, bugs, we always have open minds for suggestions. As I said, CTT is a both functional and governance token. We will give big rewards to those who can give us real advice and report bugs.

Q5 From : @Tammazain

what is burn mechanisme ?

and what dev team plan to pump the price when its launched ?

Mr. Yu Liang : For every transaction people sends, 5% will be burnt.

For example, A sends 100 CTT to B, there will be 5 CTT burnt.

This will bring a really strong deflation to CTT, which we believe will bring CTT to the MOON when trading goes on for awhile. We will not interference the market. All the fund raised will be handed over to a well-known market making institution for better liquidity control. The market power is on user’s hands.


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