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Recap AMA Petani Online Indonesia With Bakery Tools

On may 04, 2021 at 13 PM UTC (20.00 WIB) In the Petani Online Telegram Group, AMA started with BakeryTools Mr. Badxero (CEO & Co-Founder of Bakerytools.io) as guest speaker and Guz Fahlev from Indonesian Farmer Community as moderator. When campaigning, 10 lucky AMA participants when asking questions on Telegram Free Asking will get a total prize of $200.

The following is a summary of AMA questions and answers announced by the moderator and guest speaker:

Introduction :

Please could you explain about your background..?

Mr. Badxero : Cool, many of you are well aware of my experiences and skills. I am the ceo and founder of bakerytools. I am a university of technology graduate with  an honours in IT. I have been a blockchain advocate since late 2016, early 2017, where I began implementing my knowledge to understand the process of blockchain as well as the languages used. I have been analysis markets since as well as developing smart contracts and particular platforms for businesses, This brings me now to bakerytools.


(Sessions 1 QNA)

Q1. Could you explain to us, what is Bakerytools..?

Mr. Badxero : Bakerytools is the ultimate, a one stop for all hub and trading tool for binance smart chain pairs and Pool explorer. Bakerytools also prides itself in its Hotspot ads featuring system of private and presale projects. Catch early verified gems early.

What does all this mean?

It means you’ll be able to use bakerytools for trading efficiently with no need to switch to another platform, (for example poocoin and bogged) as we will have it all in one platform. In the start we will begin eith bakeryswap and pancakeswap pools pairs explorers before moving on to more dex featurings.

Q2. What token names does Bakerytools have? Can you tell us about the tokenomics?

Mr. Badxero : The ticker is $TBAKE ! We are also currently trading on bakeryswap as well as pancakeswap with TBAKE. For details to lead to these sites, view our website, twitter or telegram.

Our tokenomics was split into categories

25% for the private sale (hardcap reached)

35% for the public sale (hardcap reached)

20% for liquidity filled

10% marketing funds

10% team funds which we have burnt 4% to date

Supply 100M, now 96M Tbake

Why did we burn such a large portion of our tokens ? This to build absolute community trust. We also collected a great amount of funds from the sales which we did not expect to read. 75% collected has been locked to liquidity and so the remainder is left with us to utilise.

Q3. What are the benefits provided to Bakerytools for permanent holders? and what features does Bakerytools provide for its users?

Mr. Badxero : The core benefit of holding bakerytools is the prime access to our platform where users will be able to unlock top tiers to gain access to premium features on our platform. Part of the platform is that we will have a mobile user friendly ui dapp. Scheduled for q3/4, the dapp will contain a wallet staking function so that you may stake your tbake for promising rewards, Bakerytools platform with contain a Hotspot for Private sale and presales, token/token pairings, pools explorer, charted tradingview with pinescripts, multiswap pairs and etc. These cool features may be viewed in the description on our website for further full details.

Q4. Some time ago Bakerytools has successfully made its sales on a platform? What made Bakerytools choose the platform, and what impact did it have?

Mr. Badxero : Bakerytools conducted its sale on bscstarter. We believed this was the best platform to gain new investors, as well as support our BSC family. We managed to successfully reach hardcap. Since then, we have had many new investors from bscstarter and bsc community be an integral part of our community We were approached by several launchpads at the time. But we were most inclined to bscstarter. Part of the decision was also our communities decision to also go with bscstarter.

Q5. Can you please tell us about the Bakerytools road map? And what will I realize in the future?

Mr. Badxero : Bakerytools, in this quarter, will aim to provide the beta launch of our platform live on the website with basic features implement, with integration for features along the way. We are scheduled to have our alpha launch for the dapp mobile version in q3/4 and as such we plan to have connected with more than just bsc ecosystem, but also full support for ethereum and polkadot, Our vision is being users to one place, for a better trading experience.


(Sessions 2 Questions From Twitter)

Q1 : from @NilPore8595

In Website It Mentioned Community Driven Coin Does It Actually Accept The Community Feedbacks And Implement It Or Not ?

Mr. Badxero : We have since and before our launch taken polls and community feedback. We always advocate that we ARE the community FOR the community. Our recent feedback was to conduct a further burn of team tokens at 10M. The team accepted. Our community asked us regarding participation in the nft gallery. We proudly would like to say that there will be on Bakeryswap our very own NFT cards which you will be able bid on very very soon. Their will be 4 cards. Bronze, silver, gold and platinum edition of bakerytools cards. This is an exciting aspect to share share anyone and only 4 lucky people will be holding these cards – 1 for each.

Q2 : from @kadalGF

I see this token has a very large supply. how are your steps in the future? Will there be burns regularly or will we stay with the current supply?

Mr. Badxero : Our token supply is not large at all, There is only a total of 96 M tokens at the moment. But we will be having quarterly burns as per projects who pay listing fees for our Hotspot. A specific amount will be burnt in tbake equivalent tokens.

Q3 : from @urdeepsadness

  1. Can you explain how you filtered project for your hotspot features
  2. What is indicator that some project is worth to put in hotspot features.

Mr. Badxero : We will have a team member dedicated to filtering out projects and ensuring verification for kyced projects. Our team member is an expert in blockchain and projects fundamentals. Any project deemed to show plagiarism will be excluded from the featuring. Projects will need to fill a form that will contain in-depth questions to help analyse each project

Q4 : from @Rafshankhan5

Every project’s coin/token have their main Utilities & real-life use! So, what the main role of your coin is in the ecosystem? Explain its Utilities and Real-Life use cases?Also Why should we invest in this coin/token for the long term?

Mr. Badxero : It’s current utility is to unlock features in our tier system but we will be looking into adding staking once our mobile dapp is live so that users can earn while they stake. Tbake utility token will also be used for projects listing on our ADS system and to facilitate burns

Q5 : from @Vk74259725

Right now, Issuing Token is a simple process. However, Building the System and Ecosystem is the most difficult part. How demand of the token will increase and how will this token use in your ecosystem?

Mr. Badxero : With total supply decrease demand will increase for the token. When the platform is out we will be working with dexes for direct integration of our charting systems on their platforms to be unlocked via tbake tokens, This will give us a huge advantage.


(Sessions 3 Free Asking)

Q1 From : @Saoyeemarani990

Will you need more financial resources to develop your project? How is your financial structure, do you have enough income for now?

Mr. Badxero : No we will not. We have gathered the correct amount of funds needed through our sales. We have locked what we did not need.

Q2 From : @khoadz11

Tell us about your plans for 2021, what is Bakerytools doing right now, and plans to expand the list of major exchanges?

Mr. Badxero : We are currently in talks with a few cex.

Q3 From : @xnxxx00988

Which famous artists will be showcasing their NFTs after the launch of Unicly? Which ubfluencer are you supporting?

Mr. Badxero : We have venom_NFT , Venom is a popular nft artist on bakeryswap. He is our graphics designer and will be designing our nfts. We have our cards going live soon on bakeryswap gallery

Q4 From : @Lucas310

Hi @Badxero

Is $TBAKE token already listed on an exchange or DEX, CEX and how can I get $TBAKE token?

Mr. Badxero : We are listed on pancakeswap and bakeryswap.

Please join @mybakerytools and see our pinned message to buy $tbake

Q5 From : @Liviu1996

Will u find the new gems or they will have to contact u?

Mr. Badxero : Both, but projects will know enough about us that they will be applying. We already have 3 projects that have contacted us since.




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