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Recap AMA Crypto Hunters X NwtVRK

On March 20, 2021 at 10.00 PM ( WIB ) In the Crypto Hunter Telegram Group, AMA started with NwtVRK Mr. Daniel Kennedy (Chief Marketing Of NwtVRK) as guest speaker and Guz Fahlev from Crypto Hunters as moderator. When campaigning, 5 lucky AMA participants when asking questions on Free Asking will get a total prize of $100.

The following is a summary of AMA questions and answers announced by the moderator and guest speaker:

Introduction :

Please could you explain about your background..?

Mr. Daniel : I am the Chief Marketing Officer for NetVRk. My background is in marketing, real estate, and in the music and motion picture industries. I’ve been into crypto since 2016.


(Sessions 1 QNA)

Q1. Could you explain to us, What is NetVRk?

Mr.Daniel : NetVRk is a social virtual world, accessible on PC, VR headset, and mobile. We offer an intuitive sandbox editor, along with land ownership, NFT minting, and much more.

Q2. What is the token ecosystem that NetVRk has? and what is the use of the NetVRk token?

Mr.Daniel : $NTVRK is our native token in NetVRk. With $NTVRK, users can purchase assets, mint NFTs, and purchase land. Users can also attend special events like concerts and live performances.

Q3. Can NetVRK token be traded at this time? Where can users buy NetVRk? What benefits will NetVRK give to user?

Mr.Daneil : Our TGE is a few weeks away. Right now we are doing our presale through Ferrum.

We will be listed on several exchanges which will be announced via Telegram and Medium. NetVRk will allow users to participate in our virtual world and monetize their assets.

Q4. What is NetVRK trying to solve by building this ecosystem?

Mr.Daniel : We are solving the important issue of bringing decentralization to the masses. Right now, many services and platforms are centralized and prohibit some countries from using them. NetVRk will change that by having a virtual world on the blockchain. This will allow users to buy, sell, and trade in our marketplace and on third party marketplaces. Users can hold virtual meetings, attend concerts remotely, and develop games and play them. There are limitless possibilities to what can be achieved using our platform.

Q5. What is NetVRk Vision and Mission? Can you please provide me with the current NetVRk  road map? and what things will be realized in the near future and in the future?

Mr.Daniel : Our vision is a virtual world that mirrors reality in the sense that you can conduct business, explore and do leisure activities, and even learn in a classroom setting. Our roadmap is advancing very quickly, and you will see new features and partnerships being announced very soon.


(Sessions 2 Free Asking)

Q1 From : @daucatmoi05

I haven’t seen Real Estate and NFT combination possibilities talked in ecosystem much. What do you think about NFT infrastructure and Real Estate products lead somewhere very unique? Any plans do you have?

Mr.Daniel : I’m glad you asked this question, Canjoin. We believe the possibilities of NFTs have only begun to be explored. We have some very amazing ideas we are working on in regards to NFTs and real estate. In the near future, I see real estate developments including NFT’s in the home purchases. That said, it would be very interesting to own an NFT that gets passed along with title to real estate. Our platform is working on some novel ideas that will expand on this concept.

Q2 From : @daucatmoi05

NFT is considered the next trend of the crypto industry after DeFi. Could you share your opinion about NFT? Where do you see the future evolution of NFT features and capabilities in the next few years?

Mr.Daniel : I think NFTs are the biggest thing since crypto itself. In a few years, we all won’t know how we lived without them. Right now, NFT is more synonymous with Art and cool GIFs, but I see NFTs taking over every industry. When you buy a new car at the dealership you will get an NFT, when you buy a house (like I previously mentioned). Even some high end clothing manufacturers are beginning to do some cool things with NFTs. This will be something we will be taking full advantage of inside of NetVRk. Real life ownership will be mirrored with virtual ownership!

Q3 From : @billalmahmud121

What is the structure of the company, is it a decentralised, open sourced protocol where everybody can contribute? If so, how does the governance plan on being handled?

Mr.Daniel : We will begin by having a balance of decentralization of some aspects, while having other aspects curated. The in platform DAO will be used to vote and bring in community involvement.

Q4 From : @malcha3

DeFi is the new frontier and already buzzing in 2021, what roles do you play in innovativeness of DeFi and what’s your approach to DeFi and ultimate DeFi solutions?

Mr.Daniel : I think DeFi will be a unique aspect to NetVRk. We have the capability to bring visualization to DeFi, which in my opinion has been sorely lacking in existing offerings. The ability to visualize DeFi in a virtual space will be amazing. We look forward to making DeFi accessible and easy to use in our platform.

Q5 From : @pagul1

How many wallets that can support $Your Token until now? And do you have any plan to build your own wallet?

Mr.Daniel : We are an ERC20 token. Any Ethereum based wallet will be able to hold $NTVRK.



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