Recap AMA Crypto Hunters ID With BSC Crop


On 3rd June 2021 at 01 PM UTC (20.00 WIB) In the Crypto Hunters ID Telegram Group, AMA started with BSC Crop Mr. Damon Willis (CEO & Co-Founder of BSCCROP) and Mr. Bradley Gilbeaux (COO & Co-Founder of BSCCROP) as guest speaker and Guz Fahlev from Indonesian Farmer Community as moderator. When campaigning, 10 lucky AMA participants when asking questions on Twitter and Telegram Free Asking will get a total prize of $100 And 5 Quiz.

The following is a summary of AMA questions and answers announced by the moderator and guest speaker:

Introduction :

Please could you explain about your background..?

Mr. Damon Willis : My name is Damon Willis, CEO and Co-Founder of BSCCROP. I’ll give you a brief professional background on me.

I received my Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Wyoming where I studied Social Science and became fascinated with humanity’s ability to create and innovate, which we are all seeing play out in the Blockchain world.

Next, I received a full ride scholarship to attend graduate school at Clark Atlanta University and received my Masters in Business Degree and was president of the Business school.

I began my foray into Blockchain as an investor about 3 years ago and I became fascinated with the growth and knowing that this is the future!

Since then, I have worked as a Strategic Lead and Marketing Consultant for over 10 years. With experience at multiple Fortune 500 US Companies.

I have also worked with our COO on a few startup projects and I’m super excited to share BSCCROP with you all today!

Mr. Bradley Gilbeaux : Hello everyone. My name is Bradley Gilbeayx and I am the COO and Co-Founder of BSCCROP. I am a graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo with a bachelors in economics. After graduating, I received my MBA at Clark-Atlanta Univerity where Damon and I met and have been working together ever since. At Clark, Damon and I participated in and won many national case competitions which fostered our drive for success. I have worked as a consultant for the last 10 years primarily focusing on procurement and analytics. Most recently I am working with State, Federal and Local governments on multi-million dollar software projects. We are happy to bring BSCCROP to everyone!

(Sessions 1 QNA)

Q1. Could you explain to us, What is BSCCROP?

MR.Damon Willis : BSCCROP is the first freelance services marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain.

This will be the platform where business and blockchain people meet to collaborate and build teams for emerging projects.

We are essentially Fiverr or Upwork on the blockchain with reduced fees and an expanded environment for people to collaborate on projects.

The ecosystem also has many amazing features that we will share later 👍🏾

Q2. Can you share the tokenomics of bsccrop?

MR.Bradley Gilbeaux : Absolutely!

🌱 BSCCROP Token 🌱


🌽 Symbol: BSCCROP

🧮Total Supply: 21,000,000

🔢Initial Circulating Supply: 3,531,250- 16.8% of Total Supply

BSCCROP is the first Freelance Services Ecosystem Built on the Binance Smart Chain

🔥 Deflationary- 1% burn on all transactions

🏦 Staking Rewards- 4% monthly return; 48% annually with guaranteed payout for the first year

👨🏾‍🌾 Farming Rewards- Generous farming rewards in BSCCROP with guaranteed payout for the first year

👨‍💻 Freelance Services Ecosystem- Low fees, experienced community, decentralized marketplace for blockchain contractors/professionals

🌱 Public Team- Strong business background and experience

🚀 Token Launchpad- Guaranteed allocations for stakers of the token. Vetting and support of new projects

✅ Successful Audits- Token contract audit was favorable and conducted by Techrate & Solid Group

🌱 Token Distribution 🌱

🏦Treasury – 25% – Locked

👏🏾Founders & Team – 20% – 20% unlock; vested quarterly

🌾Staking & Farming Rewards – 17.5% – Distributed for 1 Year

🏦Liquidity – 10% – Locked for 1 Year

🏷 Public Sale – 10% – No vesting

🏷 Private Sale – 5% – 25% unlock; 25% released every month

📢 Marketing – 5% – 10% unlock; vested quarterly

🧐Advisors – 5% – 10% unlock; vested quarterly

🏷 Strategic Sale – 2.5% – 25% unlock; 25% released every month

Q3. Currently where can bsccrop be traded? and whether in the near future bsccrop will listed with other cex exchanges?

MR.Damon Willis : Great question! Currently you can purchase BSCCROP on Pancakeswap or the Bilaxy exchange.

Our next exchange that we are targeting is the Hotbit exchange.

Ultimately we would like to be listed on Binance as we develop and grow the platform 🙏🏾

Q4. With strategic sale as well as pre sale on the IDO platform, isn’t this one of the reasons the bsccrop price has dropped? or the bsccrop team has a strategy to anticipate this?

MR.Damon Willis : So there are two factors at play here.

1. Our token was priced in BNB and during the e Private sale BNB was over $600. Unfortunately by the time we conducted the Presale the price of BNB was $300 which impacted price for Private Sale holders.
2. When we launched the Presale on the token launchpad platform they set a countdown that we did not ask for and we were not able to inform our investors. In addition, whales on their platform bought large amounts of the token simply to sell at launch and tank the price.
There were a lot of unethical things that occurred with that launchpad platform that have temporarily hurt investors. However we are working diligently to launch the Staking Dapp, build the Freelance Services platform and share our amazing Tesla Cyber Truck/ $40k giveaway campaign!

MR.Bradkey Gilbeaux : Yes as Damon said unfortunately BSCCROP had to encounter some unethical and unprofessional business practices that negatively impacted the business from the get to.

Fortunately we built the project and developed enough of a community to withstand the negativity and allow us to proceed forward with some of the great rewards that Damon spoke about.

Q5. What makes bsccrop superior? what features does bsccrop provide for holders and what are the benefits?

MR.Bradley Gilbeaux : Great Question. We built BSCCROP with our holders in mind. We wanted to make sure that our holders were able to maximize their returns and rewards. That’s why we built these fantastic benefits into the platform:

🔥 Deflationary- 1% burn on all transactions

🏦 Staking Rewards- 4% monthly return; 48% annually with guaranteed payout for the first year

👨🏾‍🌾 Farming Rewards- Generous farming rewards in BSCCROP with guaranteed payout for the first year

👨‍💻 Freelance Services Ecosystem- Low fees, experienced community, decentralized marketplace for blockchain contractors/professionals

🌱 Public Team- Strong business background and experience

🚀 Token Launchpad- Guaranteed allocations for stakers of the token. Vetting and support of new projects

✅ Successful Audits- Token contract audit was favorable and conducted by Techrate & Solid Group

Our staking platform is currently under audit and will be available soon. BSCCROP has the BEST staking rewards on BSC with 4% Monthly and 48% Annually.

As Damon mentioned earlier we are beginning our Golden NFT Giveaway which will be a grand price of a Tesla Truck or $40,000. It’s a great time to become a BSCCROP holder and take advantage of the staking rewards as well as meet the requirements so possibly win our giveaway!

Q6. Can you inform, to whom does bsccrop partner? what will the bsccrop team implement to attract more users?

MR.Damon Willis : We have partnered with a few organizations thus far with more partnerships in the works.

Petani Online has been an amazing community partner that I would recommend to any emerging project with promise.

We have also partnered with Bakerytools and work with the CEO and COO as Tech & Marketing Advisors.

There are a few more that will be announced in the coming weeks that I have to share later 👍🏾

MR.Damon Willis : The way we will attract more users will be for three reasons:

1. We are a real project, with real people with a real use case that solves a real problem

2. We have the best staking rewards on BSC with a 48% annual return on BSCCROP

3. We have a great marketing incentive which will drive many more users to the platform for a chance to win $40k or a brand new Tesla Cyber Truck!

(Sessions 2 Questions From Twitter)

Q1 From : @Vuttu_kaka5

It’s hard for investors to trust and invest in new projects lately and most the project have claimed to be falsified, How do make investors trust your platform?

MR.Bradley Gilbeaux : We have done a few things to gain our investors trust and make sure they are comfortable.

First we are a public team with a verifiable track record of successful business.

We have two audits completed by independent audit companies in Techrate as well as Solid Group.

We conduct weekly video checkins with our community via YouTube video so our community can have real FaceTime with us.

We’re open and transparent about all activities and the things that we are doing as a business.

Q2 from : @Nadim39433303

“STAKING” is one of the STRATEGIES to ATTRACT USERS and HOLD Them long term.Does your GREAT PROJECT have plan about Staking?

MR.Damon Wilis : Yes we do! We have amazing staking rewards! In fact, our developers just completed our Staking Dapp and it is currently being audited.

Our Staking Dapp will go live this week and we will reward one of our first 100 stalkers with a valauabke NFT!

Staking rewards are 4% monthly and 48% annually which is an amazing return!

Q3 from : @Vuttu_kaka5
Many projects rug pulled and exit scam recently. Why should investors trust your project not to do the same?

MR.Bradley Gilbeaux : They should trust us because we have a public team that’s there to take responsibility and accountability. We have had our contracts audited by two different independent auditors and we have consistent face to face communication with our community.

Damon Willis : We also are still here. We haven’t sold any of our Team tokens, we are working hard for this project to succeed! It’s bigger than us, it’s for the community 👍🏾

Q4 from : @molestika
Your motto is “The ecosystem where business and blockchain professionals meet”, does your ecosystem have an algorithm that allows business professionals to connect with members of your ecosystem according to specific interests and needs? How is the selection process?

MR.Damon Willis : That’s a great question. Initially these connections will happen organically but creating an algorithm to enhance the user experience is not outside the scope of BSCCROP possibilities in the future 👍🏾 Amazing question 👏🏾

Q5 from : @dani_dani23
I was reading on your website that the BSCCROP platform will reduce the fees up to 3% per project. My question is, how do you achieve this fee reduction? What advantages does this bring to developers of new projects?

And how does the BSCCROP platform benefit?

MR.Bradley Gilbaux: Absolutely great question. One of the most powerful aspects of BSCCROP is its ability to run on the Binance Smart Chain. BSC gives us the ability to have faster transaction speeds, scaled up development but best of all, much lower fees compared to other blockchains such as the Ethereum. This will allow us to maintain a few structure as low as 3% due to the reduced cost of doing business

(Sessions 3 Free Asking)

Q1 FROM : @kherrera22

Regarding your tokenomics, 20% is destined to “FOUNDERS AND TEAM”, but I did not find anything related to the maintenance and update of your ecosystem, does that 20% encompass this point as well?

MR.Bradley Gilbeaux ; Great question. We have allocated 25% to treasury to ensure the projects long term success. In addition to his we are establishing a “runway” of funds to ensure the business can survive and changes in the market

Q2 FROM : @khoadz11

Investors need to fully consider the current market volatility. With this in mind, what target audience are you pursuing? Can project BSCCrop change the entire market? Will you create a magic?

MR.Bradley Gibeaux ; Another great question. We are targeting long term investors who understand market cycles and volatility. We build BSCCROP to be a long term project with long term utility. We are looking for investors who will be with BSCCROP for years to come!!

Q3 FROM : @davidbeckham00

In terms of marketing, what plans, ideas, and next steps does BSCCrop have to attract investors and users? Does BSCCrop intend to capitalize on the popularity of social media to make you more popular?

MR.Damon Willis ; Great question! We plan on marketing in a variety ways including AMAs, YouTube videos, giveaways, interviews, press releases, shilling etc… We are very excited about our new campaign…

🌱🌟Golden NFT Tesla Cybertruck or $40k Giveaway!!!🌱🌟

📢 We wanted to share this information with you first! 📢

🔥 What you’ve all been waiting for! BSCCROP is taking game theory and rewards to the next level !!!🔥

(To participate each person must hold a minimum of 1,000 BSCCROP. )

Over the coming months our BSCCROP holders will have a 1 out of 100 chance to win a Tesla Cybertruck or $40,000!!!

Holders of a golden NFT will be part of a drawing to win the Tesla Cybertruck or $40k

🤔 How it Works? 🤔

BSCCROP will name specific milestones and one holder (of at least 1000 BSCCROP) will be eligible to win a golden NFT with a chance to win a Tesla Cybertruck of $40,000!


✅ BSCCROP reaches 1000 token holders

✅ The first 100 people to stake their BSCCROP tokens

Next steps! NFTs are being created as we speak and the first NFTs will be issued soon!

🌱 🍀 Good Luck everybody! 🍀 🌱

Q4 FROM : @Jemtran

The gas fee on Ethereum blockchain is crazy high. Why did you decided to build your project on ETH? Any plan to incorporate with other Blockchainchain such as BSC?

MR.Damon Willis : We built our project on BSC, which why we are called BSCCROP. You should check out our platform and the website for more information 👍🏾

Q5 FROM : @Pooja78

There are lots of pump and dump project in the market. How is your project different than others? What are your plans for project sustainable long term growth?

MR.Damon Willis ; We have long term sustainability because we actually have a way to generate income and provide true token utility to the ecosystem which will benefit our users. 99% of projects in this space don’t have a true use case or any utility for their token..


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