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Recap AMA Crypto Hunters Forum With ShibaNova

On July 21, 2021 at 01 PM (20.00 WIB) In the Crypto Hunter Telegram Group, AMA started with ShibaNova Ms. @Pls_call_me_Miss (ShibaNova’s Board of Degens) And Ms. @QueenOfDegens (ShibaNova’s Board of Degens) as guest speaker and Dandy Setiawan from Crypto Hunters as moderator. When campaigning, 10 lucky AMA participants when asking questions on Twitter,Telegram and QUIZ will get a total prize of $100.

The following is a summary of AMA questions and answers announced by the moderator and guest speaker:

Introduction :

Please could you explain about your background..?

Ms. @Pls_call_me_Miss : So excited to be here!! My name is Miss – my background has been in organizational leadership and performance management, working with Fortune 1000 as well as Cyber-Security and Fintech start ups on the corporate side for over 15 years. My expertise is in building high-level and top-performing teams and organizations. My involvement with crypto started in 2017-2018 as an investor and I quickly fell in love with the space. I’ve been investing and studying it since then. In researching projects, I’ve been a huge supporter of DeFi and wanted to find ways to get involved in projects as I believe I can bring my expertise into the crypto world. I was fortunate enough to meet Jessie through the Jessie DeFi Telegram channel and we immediately clicked. With the unfortunate turn of events with Uranium, our community at first was devastated but ultimately, we decided the proactive thing to do was to try to put together a project of our own based on Uranium. And thus, ShibaNova was born.

Ms. @QueenOfDegens: Haha sure – so I feel by now I hardly need an introduction – I am the infamous ‘Queen of Degens’ – I’m a passionate believer in decentralisation and crypto I love the vision of the cypherpunks and and their ideals -.

I started my @Jessiedegens channel last year after becoming dismayed with all the rugs, hacks and general scuminess in the defi space – which was meant to be s safe place for people, particularly new people to come and learn about defi and help each other work out what the best degen plays were – this is where our team that is now ShibaNova all meet after the unfortunate uranium exploits.


(Sessions 1 QNA)

Q1: Could you explain to us, what is ShibaNova ?

Ms. @Pls_call_me_Miss : We consider ShibaNova as the next evolution of DEX, AMM, and Yield Farming protocols – we are DeFi 2.0


Most new projects tend to have a huge buzz around it in the beginning – and during launch, the price of their token (expectedly) goes way up only to come crashing down because the sell pressure from early investors pushes the price down until it’s close to zero. All projects have gone through this boom and bust cycle – DeFi investors very rarely stay in projects long-term. ShibaNova solves this problem by creating shareholders instead of just liquidity providers. When you provide liquidity for our project through our NOVA/BNB and NOVA/BUSD pairs, you are rewarded with our dividend token, sNOVA. Holding sNOVAs entitles our shareholders to receive daily dividends paid out in BNB and BUSD, in proportion to the number of sNOVAs they hold. The dividends are paid out through our Money Pot, which holds and distributes 75% of all swap fees in our dApp. Our shareholders are literally getting paid out in every block! At the end of the day, DeFI investors don’t want to constantly be moving their money around – it’s too much work! We want to reward our shareholders for staying in our project by literally giving them the lion’s share of the profits. Additionally, we want to drive adoption through our shareholders because by using our DEX and AMM, they are literally increasing the funds collected in the Money Pot that will be distributed back to their wallets. The more successful the DEX and AMM are, the bigger our Money Pots will be and the higher the dividends will be for our shareholders.

We are creating a win-win situation for everyone – and ensuring that our project continues to grow long term. ShibNova is the product of the aftermath of the sad uranium exploits. 13 of us in our team came together to form ShibaNova as we were all victims/survivors lol – of the Uranium hacks. We loved the original concept of turning the yield farming model on its head and actually making loyal and early investors stake holders rewarded by paying dividends from the success of the DEX. We decided that we could pull this together and focus on security and community and make this concept a success. So here we are now almost ready to launch with 3 audits already done (including uhum Peckshield none the less) plus some other exciting security features that we are exploring now – more on this later 🤗

Q2 : Can you please introduce your team and their background?

Ms. @Pls_call_me_Miss : Our team is amazing – we are a team of 13 individuals from around the world, who have all come together to bring our expertise into the project. We have our talented devs, we have our marketing gurus, we have expert community managers, we have top-level designers and content creators – all of which has really lent itself to putting together an amazing project! We also have our BOD – our BORED OF DEGENS, it’s a play on words for the Board, minus the stuffy suits.  We all meet once a week and try to move the roapmap for the project forward.  All out team members are all equal members and equally compensated, no one is more important.  It’s great to see that our team really does put the project first – we all collaborate well together, everyone is always ready to lend a hand. When you have a good team, even the hard things = like launching a DeFi project – it becomes pretty darn easy. For sure – I think I’ve already touched on a bit about where we have come from. So we are all community members, and we believe in true decentralisation. ShibaNova is literally a project built by the community and for the community. We have the long term vision of becoming a true DAO. With that in mind we created ShibaNova to be a true democracy – as @Pls_call_me_Miss has already explained we have our BOD which is comprised of the 5 founding members of ShibNova. We make all decisions democratically through discussion and vote. We consult our team on all major decisions and consult with our rapidly growing and very awesome community as much as possible. ShibaNova is truly a project by the people ‘for the people’.

Q3 : How many supply quantities are available? And where can we buy it?

Ms. @Pls_call_me_Miss : We are initially minting a total of 100,000 tokens – which we are selling at presale and providing liquidity at launch. We are done with our presale now but we actually saved some allocations specifically for your members who join our ShibaNova – Indonesia Telegram Group! https://t.me/ShibaNova_Indonesia.

Ms. @QueenOfDegens : Haha good question – currently we are coming to the end of our PRESALE phase and are preparing to launch our public sale, yield farms and most importantly our DEX very soon. We have actually minted 100,000 tokens of which 90,000 were allocated for PRESALE at the price of firstly $1 or token but the majority at $2 per token – they are almost all sold now, however we have kept a few back for our local community members who would like to get in early. We have 10 whitelist spots for the Indonesian community. More on how you can win those later, Our volunteer moderator @dyankosh is actually a member of Crypto Hunters and he recommended that we have our AMA with you because your community is awesome!! 🤙🏽 Everybody wants to know where they can buy NOVA from right now, my inbox is literally overflowing with people begging to get a PRESALE ALLOCATION lol, Regarding total supply – our emissions are set at 1 NOVA per block on start, this reduces by 2% every 12 hours, when we get to 0.5 per block we will assess the situation and consult with our community to decide if we want to continue reducing down to 0.1 per block – it is worth noting that the contract is hard coded to only ever let us decrease emissions, we can never increase them NOVA also has 2% burn built in on every transaction. So you can see that NOVA is actually quite deflationary. Plus we have some other real use cases for NOVA but I’m not allowed to talk about them yet else the team will kill me.

Q4 : Can you share the tokenomics of ShibaNova?

Ms. @Pls_call_me_Miss : ShibaNova is a project that rewards early investors by making them our shareholders instead of just liquidity providers.

75% of the revenues from swap fees on our DApp will be allocated towards daily dividend rewards in the Money Pot – shareholders will be able to harvest BNB and BUSD Daily.

Our native token is  called Nova. Our investors/shareholders provide liquidity by pairing it with BUSD or BNB. By providing liquidity with either the NOVA-BNB or NOVA-BUSD pairs, yoi will be rewarded with sNova, our reward token.

By holding sNova, you will be able to claim your share of daily BNB and BUSD through our Money Pot. This is one of the best ways to realize true passive income

in DeFi!

ShibaNova is a project that rewards early investors by making them our shareholders instead of just liquidity providers.

75% of the revenues from swap fees on our DApp will be allocated towards daily dividend rewards in the Money Pot – shareholders will be able to harvest BNB and BUSD Daily.

Our native token is  called Nova. Our investors/shareholders provide liquidity by pairing it with BUSD or BNB. By providing liquidity with either the NOVA-BNB or NOVA-BUSD pairs, yoi will be rewarded with sNova, our reward token.

By holding sNova, you will be able to claim your share of daily BNB and BUSD through our Money Pot. This is one of the best ways to realize true passive income

in DeFi!

Ms. @QueenOfDegens : It is worth noting that yield farming is just the first phase of us bootstrapping liquidity for our DEX – make no doubt about it that whilst we do enjoy playing with the meme concept we are building a serious DEX to go toe to toe with the top 5 – once we begin to build significant liquidity locked and trading volume sNOVA holders will be rewarded for as long as they hold their sNOVA paid in BNB and BUSD – you see we do not rely on every inflationary token emissions to reward early and loyal investors, we actually give them shares in our main business which is the DEX and the fees generated from it.

Q5 : what features does ShibaNova provide to users? what are the use cases of ShibaNova ?

Ms. We aim to be one of the Top 10 DEX’s in crypto 🙏🏽 but the most revolutionary idea with ShibaNova is that 75% of the fees collected through the DEX will go back to our investors who hold sNOVAs, our dividend token.

When you use other DEXs, the fees you pay never go back to their users. Apart from that, our fees are some of the

lowest so not only are you saving money, you’re getting paid back with daily dividends.

So it makes sense as an investor trying to find the most efficient way to buy but also for long term, because the more investors realize that they can do this as well and be paid back in dividends, the more people will use our DEX and the more money will be in the Money Pot to distribute to holders of sNOVAs. My question then would be, why wouldn’t you use your own DEX if you’re getting paid back to do it? It makes perfect sense from both a consumer and investor standpoint.

Apart from that, we aim to also become a presale and project launchpad in the future. We have had a very successful presale phase and we already have projects asking us to help them get their project off the ground! It will be amazing when we actually are able to do this 🙏🏽

Ms. @QueenOfDegens : The use case of NOVA is actually 3 fold – I can only talk about to of these use cases today (even though I’m dying to spill the beans, honestly I don’t even know why the team let’s me in on any secrets by now haha) so number 1 use case is to provide rewards to noon native liquidity providers – this is important, tenner we are building a DEX and that requires liquidity. Second use case and arguably the most exciting is to provide people to provide liquidity to NOVA/BUSD and BNB pools and as such get the very sought after and highly valuable sNOVA to give people actually shares in the profitability of our DEX.

Q6 : . Can you provide the current Shibanova road map? and what will be realized in the near future?

Ms. @Pls_call_me_Miss : As for our roadmap, we just completed our presale phase!Once we receive our 3rd audit from PeckShield and get the greenlight from our Dev Team, we will launch ShibaNova!  Soon thereafter, we are opening up our farms.

Long term, we are exploring incorporating NFT’s and potentially a novel lottery as well as expanding outside of BSC, creating a bridge to other chains like Polygon, Avalanche, Cardano, etc. and truly becoming a multi-chain DeFi project. These are all in our mid-to-long term plans, by Q3 and Q4 in 2021.

Ms. @QueenOfDegens : As I’ve already said our long term vision is to become a fully Autonomous DAO – we will be doing our best to involve the community in decision making song the way to our ultimate goal of become a truly decentralised autonomous DAO – There are another couple of nearer term items in our roadmap which we are currently exploring now. With our ambition to model ourselves as what we describe defi 2.0, security and transparency being at the core of what we do. We are delighted to announce that we are currently in deep talks with

https://lossless.cash/ to potentially partner with them as their first project to implement their very interesting new exploit defence code – we are also in talks with another security company that employs white hats too look over code in real time for vulnerabilities and offers a bug bounty. Sorry – I was having a bit of a battle with telegram there lol.

(Sessions 2 Questions From Twitter)

Q1 : From @luckyjem02

A strong community not only brings interesting ideas to the project but also attracts larger partners. So how #ShibaNova planning to build its community? And is there a plan to recruit people with Blockchain experience to the #ShibaNova team?

Ms. @Pls_call_me_Miss : Our community is the best!!! We currently have 5,500 in our Telegram and almost 9,000 in Twitter – and we haven’t even launched!!

We love coming into different communities like Crypto Hunters to talk about our project – we feel that when people get to know us, they really get passionate about our project!!

Plus our Telegram is pretty LIT!! We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we have lots of fun together! (We have Happy Hours on Telegram haha) And I think we draw people in who are intelligent and thoughtful and at the same time, fun! So if that sounds like you, come on and join us!


Ms. @QueenOfDegens : Okay good questions and the answers are yes and yes haha – we have an excellent marketing team and considering that we have started from scratch we have already built a very engaged and loyal community of 5.5k members on telegram and soloist 9k followers on Twitter. Now I know you see a lot of projects that have double digits followers and members but you have to realise that the majority of these have simple paid people to scrape accountants of which many are just bots it dead accounts. Ours are real people, and it may not seem like much until you realise that we haven’t even launched yet! We are all about partnerships and expansion and have already mentioned a couple of these, moving forwards we will be listening to our community and tracking out to many of the top names in crypto to form partnerships. In fact we have already begun in these negotiations and the list is very very long 😉

Q2 : From @Tamboman13

It’s quite unfortunate that many projects have infiltrated the market with just white papers without having any genuine use cases. What are the main utilities of @ShibaNovaDefi?

Ms. @Pls_call_me_Miss : We aim to be one of the Top 10 DEX and AMMs in crypto. If you feel like you missed out on PancakeSwap – we are DeFi 2.0. We’re an even better version because of our daily dividends 🙂

So if you imagine how much people utilize PCS, that’s what our aim is for ShibaNova.

And that’s not something that will happen in the future. We are ready to launch in the coming week or so.

Ms. @QueenOfDegens : We are building a DEX to go toe to toe with the big players. Plus our launch pad will offer a platform for new projects to launch from. We will not charge a penny for this service – however to use it projects will need to use NOVA as their swap currency plus agree to providing liquidity on our DEX on launch of their token. These are the 2 main use cases – mic drop 😁

Q3: From @truongtran0305

Which one of these aspects is important for you?

1-Increasing Token Price & Value

2-Empowering Platform Development

3-Building Community Trust

4-Expanding Partnership Globally

In what order..?

Ms. @QueenOfDegens : They are all equally important – you can’t just focus on one thing and say that’s it, is like a jigsaw puzzle – you need all of the pieces to fit together to make the beautiful picture 😉

Ms. @Pls_call_me_Miss : I’ll let @QueenOfDegens speak for herself but for me, it’s Expanding Partnership Globally. I think it’s important for everyone to understand DeFi. It really is the future and it’s not just for some people, it’s for everyone.

We want to have a lot of conversations with people from around the world so that they get to know ShibaNova.

Apart from that, I feel like once we do build a community worldwide, everything else falls into place.

Ms. @QueenOfDegens  : No errors – it’s a trick question – one can’t work without the other – look you can’t have an amazing community without good partnerships – the community won’t be amazing if it’s not happy, so value of native token has to hold string otherwise the community will be miserable and leave – the token value can’t hold string without a decent platform and good development – good development can’t be stand alone and needs good partnerships – see I’m not being flippant, but this is truly the way I see it. They are all equally important parts of the same puzzle.

Q4 : From @ainaa_baby

Can You List 1-3 killer Features of Your project that makes it ahead of its a competitors? What is the competitive of advantage your platform has that you feel most the confident about?

Ms. @Pls_call_me_Miss : In its simplest form, we give back 75% of the fees collected from our dApp to our investors/shareholders. No other project in crypto even dare do that!

Imagine if Uniswap gives back 75% of their fees back – that would be astounding!! But so many of these projects are simply too profit-driven to do this. We are a community project!! We want our community to profit from our dApp – we want everyone to do well and if they do, our team does well too. But this is a different motivation than most projects 🙂 we are very proud of this!

Ms. @QueenOfDegens : Okay so competitive edge has to be the team behind this, the unique structure of our team in that we are all compensated equally and this are all motivated equally to work hard to make this a success.  As @Pls_call_me_Miss did earlier – we view each individual team member as as important as the other, didn’t matter if you are community manager, graphics designer, Dev or even Queens like myself and @Pls_call_me_Miss – there are 13 of us and we are only just launching. We plan to continue building our team as and when we find the skilled people with our vision and ethos that we need to join us. This is pretty unique in the space, most projects will have the Devs and the founders taking a majority cut off the profits, this means the people sitting underneath are understandably but as motivated.  Besides from our structure, our whole vision is to create a defi project that is truly next generation, that rewards early and loyal investors long term as explained earlier, by giving them shares in our DEX. Our launchpad will give us an edge for sure – whitelists and Max cap allocations for new projects at zero cost to the project. Think about it, who else offers that!

Ms. @Pls_call_me_Miss : Even with our team – we all had to buy our own tokens to help fund the project. No one owns more than 2% of all tokens. It’s a very flat distribution- which means no one person can dump the prize of NOVAs alone!  It’s by design because we want everyone to have the same opportunity as everyone else. This is DeFi 2.0 and we hope more projects follow suit.

Q5 From : @drstrange202

How do you convince $NOVA holders that their investment is secure within your platform? And also your smart Contract has been already audit. Can you tell us more details about the audit? Can anyone access to the locked liquidity pool on pancakeswap?

Ms. @QueenOfDegens : We will not be providing liquidity on pcs as we are our own DEX. Both our audits from CTDSEC and EtherAuthority are published on our telegram chat – Peckshield is about to be published once we have published our fixes of the code that they suggested 🤗

Ms. @Pls_call_me_Miss : Security is our #1 priority!

Before we launch, we will have 3 completed audits – CTDSEC, EtherAuthority, and PeckShield. PeckShield is considered to be the leading blockchain audit company!

Our team is also KYC’d by AssureDefi.

We also have a MultiSig with Gnosis that needs at least 3 signatures from our BOD to carry out transactions in our smart contracts.

We will have partnerships with leading blockchain security companies, including LossLess – we might be the 1st project they onboard in BSC! We’ll have many more partnerships to announce very very soon.

After launch, we will also include added security by implementing Insurance protocols like Soteria or Insurace.

A lot of projects CLAIM to prioritize security – we breathe it!

Ms. @QueenOfDegens : I’m guessing @Pls_call_me_Miss picked this question so that we can spell it out really clearly IF YOU SEE LIQUIDITY ON PANCAKESWAP OR ANY OTHER DEX THEN IT IS NOT OURS AND PROBABLY A SCAM – WE ARE OUR OWN DEX – WE WILL BE PROVIDING LIQUIDITY ON OUR OWN DEX – THANK YOU


(Sessions 3 Free Asking)

Q1 From : @johncharlie1

In which social network does your project build community, what support and help have they provided in your project?

Ms. @Pls_call_me_Miss : We have a very strong community in Telegram and we plan on expanding all of our communities by doing more AMAs, having lots of conversations. We want everyone to be familiar with ShibaNova on a global scale, not just the elite.

We already have a massive following in Twitter as well. We want to introduce our projects through social media but we want to make sure everyone understands our protocol and what our mission statement is!

Q2 From : @Caryln18

What kind of people are you willing to attract: investors (waiting for the “to the moon” token price) or customers (those who benefit from your services)? Or maybe you expect investors to turn into your customers?

Ms. @Pls_call_me_Miss : Everyone!! We hope we get the moon boys – who will see the long term potential of the project but bring their enthusiasm to our community!

We want the long-term holders because they can realize long term passive income and they’ll be happy.

We want the big whales who will provide enough liquidity for our project. And they will stay because we built a solid secure place for them to park their money and grow it even more.

We want the small investor who wants to become a bigger investor, because our project will help him be more profitable.

We want noobs and experienced investors too. Everyone can benefit our project and together we’ll be even more successful!

Q3 From : @Iamuniquk


You mentioned in your Medium that by holding sNOVA users will be able to claim their share of the daily BNB and BUSD rewards from the Money Pot.

Can you elaborate further on this on this Money Pot feature?

What is the minimum amount of sNOVA I should hold in other to claim the daily BNB and BUSD rewards?


Ms. @QueenOfDegens : Okay I think we have covered this already but let’s dig a little deeper. By the way I picked this question because I see a lot of copypasta questions and also a lot of people repeating their questions which looks like people trying to cheat and we don’t like cheats – we are DEFI 2.0 ! So this person has obviously done a little research because they have taken the time to read our medium. There is no minimum amount of sNOVA to hold, every holder is able to claim their share of the BUSD and BNB held in the money pot in proportion to the amount of sNOVA they hold – this is paid out per block – the more you hold the more you earn, and as previously stated you can claim for as long as you hold sNOVA and the rewards come from trading volume in our DEX and is not reliant on never ending printing of native tokens and is therefore sustainable 🤗

Q4 From : @TR337

👉👉👉 Do you have Twitter/Telegram/Discord community? If yes can you share the link here because there is a lot of fake telegram/twitter groups?

Ms. @Pls_call_me_Miss :

Yes!! Please follow us and join the fun! We are running a contest with a Prize Pot of over $5,200BUSD!!

Twitter: Twitter.com/ShibaNovaDEFI

Telegram: t.me/ShibaNovaDEX

Contest link:


We also have a daily airdrop contest, so please come and join our socials to find out more!

Q5 From : @millu107

Community is very important for a project. When you are creating your project, do you consider feedback and demands from the community?

Ms. @QueenOfDegens : Another person who has been paying attention – I like 🤗 – to answer your question, yes we believe community to be almost as important as security – like this – security first and community and very very close second afterwards you can see this in the engagement of our telegram group, prime really like to just hang out there and have fun as well as discuss the more important and serious issues  – like I said earlier we believe in decentralisation and being able to transact without borders, we believe that everyone should have equal access to these opportunities which is why we have so many local language groups in no particular order Japan




Sri Lanka


Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg



We hope to bring our project to add many local communities as possible around the world and that is why we are focusing so heavily on local nationality ama’s and thank you so for joining us here 🤗

Dandy Setiawan :

All right!

AMA session CryptoHunters  Indonesia with ShibaNova has ended. 🥳🥳

Thanks to ShibaNova Team has joined with us and provided us about ShibaNova , we hope that this knowledge makes us understand more about ShibaNova.

To the members, thank you for following this event to the end. winners will be announced soon.😎😎😎

For further information , keep reach us on :

▪️Website: http://shibanova.io/

▪️Twitter : https://twitter.com/ShibaNovaDefi

▪️TG: @ShibaNovaDEX

▪️TG Indonesia : https://t.me/ShibaNova_Indonesia

▪️Channel : @ShibaNovaAnn

We are running a contest with a Prize Pot of over $5,200BUSD!!

Contest link:


We also have a daily airdrop contest, so please come and join our socials to find out more!



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