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Inery At Next Block Expo

Next Block Expo, one of the biggest Web3 events in Europe, took place at the Berlin Station venue on the 23rd of November and the 24th of November. This blockchain festival is actually an extension of the Cryptocurrency Work Expo and was envisioned as the most promising networking opportunity for the European blockchain community in 2022.

This expo brought together some of the most enterprising and progressive minds in the Web3 industry. Attendees of the Next Block Expo had the opportunity to learn about the new advancements in the blockchain field, gather unique insight from expert speakers, and network – no matter if they are Web3 experts, founders, or blockchain enthusiasts.

At Next Block Expo, you could meet Web3 founders, blockchain industry experts, gaming companies, NFT artists, Metaverse experts, venture capitalists, angel investors, crypto investors, blockchain developers, and so on. The expo featured 80+ speakers, over 100 sponsors, exhibitors, and partners.

Attendees could participate in:

  • Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Pitch contests
  • Hackathons
  • Investor and Startup Speed Dating
  • Roundtables
  • Side Events
  • Networking Parties

Inery’s Dr. Naveen Singh


Inery’s CEO, Dr. Naveen Singh, was one of the speakers at the panel “

Challenges Bridging Web2 Brands into Web3 Space”. Alongside him were Dmitri Zhelezoh (Co-founder of Subsquid), Nikita Sachdev (Founder and CEO of Luna PR), Rolando Zubiran Robert (Global Head of Web3 & Metaverse services at RR Donnalley), and Anna Ladyshenski (Director of blockchain & IT recruitment at Michael Page) with moderator Pedro Cerdeira (Managing partner at businessplug.com).

During the panel, Dr. Naveen pointed out the flaws of centralized databases and how the few companies that hold our data hinder the full realization of a fully decentralized Web3 space.

One of the most striking moments during the panel was when the moderator asked if anyone knew that FTX was going to go bust, followed by the question of why they didn’t. This stopped the panelists in their tracks and opened the floor to a very interesting discussion about true decentralization in Web3.

“Where we are standing at the moment in terms of the uses of the Internet and in terms of the use of other devices which are connected to the Internet — the infrastructure of how we communicate with each other are all centralized. All (data) belongs to one to a hundred companies, and we are the end-users of those products. But, we are still in the hands and at the mercy of big companies. Twitter, for example, Instagram, or Facebook. […] There will not be any web3 projects without Web2.0. So, Web3 is an escalated level of Web 2.0, where there is no middleman. The real power, the real use case, or the real value (of Web3) is to the end customer.” Dr. Naveen stated during the

Challenges Bridging Web2 Brands into Web3 Space panel.

Women in Web3 & Inery

Web3 places are known to have somewhat of a bad reputation when it comes to inclusivity, especially when it comes to the representation of women in the industry.

However, the Next Block Expo demonstrated that women are, without a doubt, pioneers in the industry. For example, there was an event on the first day of the expo called “Women in Web3 – Coffee and Networking Session”. This was a long-awaited

networking session where women could meet other women that explore, learn or contribute to the space.

On the second day of the expo, Asel Numurova (Partnership Project Manager at BeInCrypto) held a panel called “Women in Web3”. The main project which Asel is working on is called Women in Crypto, where she gathers data and news from four big female organizations from Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia in order to better understand the challenges and inequalities that women face in blockchain spaces.

Inery’s Director of Marketing & PR, Tijana D. Gertner discussed this topic with Asel and Patrik Kraus for the BlockchainBox podcast – touching on the topics of education, equality, and inclusivity in Web3.

While on the subject of Women in Web3, we also had the opportunity to discuss hiring women in Web3 and onboarding them onto blockchain projects with Meggie Jaworski from Wom3n.dao for their WEB3QUITY podcast

Apart from this panel and networking sessions, there were many excellent female speakers at the forefront of various panels, further showcasing that women definitely do belong in the Web3 space.

Inery’s Web5.0 VIP Networking Event


On the first night of the expo, Inery hosted a networking party where fellow attendees had the opportunity to mingle with and get to know the Inery team, vision, and goals. Apart from that, fellow entrepreneurs, web3 enthusiasts, blockchain developers, and investors had the chance to learn more about Inery’s Ambassador Program.

If you’re also interested in learning more about the Ambassador program, you can check out our Twitter for updates, or join our Telegram, or Discord channel.

Final Words

In order to truly advance the Web3 space and all of its possibilities, we need to strive for true decentralization and self-governance. This is the only way to fulfill the vision and the essence behind Web3.

Take a quantum data leap with Inery, and experience the pure power of blockchain technology, and community in a sustainable and cost-effective way.


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