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How to get Free $INR (inery)

Play To Earn $INR

“Are you ready for more gaming fun on our Telegram Channel? 

This time we bring you exclusive games, quizzes, puzzles & more where you will get a chance to play and earn XP tokens that you can convert to $INR tokens. 

Join our TG channel to make sure you don’t miss out. @inery_blockchain 

Start of the first game is on 25-11-2022 are you ready for it?”

how to participate in the play to earn event?

  1. Join telegram group inery
  2. playing games,quiz,puzzle to get XP token
  3. XP token you can convert to $INR

Event time start :  25th November 2022

Good luck guys and happy earning

#inery #ineryblockchain #ineryDB #$INR

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